Pablo Neruda of Chile in 1971 won The Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971. His success being noted: “for a poetry that with the action of an elemental force that brings alive a continent’s destiny and dreams.” Totally Latin America invite you to uncover the five best luxury Chile vacations 2024. This country stretches for almost three thousand miles along the western seaboard of Latin America. The driest lands on earth are found at the northern Atacama Desert, the vineyards of the valleys of Santiago, the picturesque Lake District at Puerto Varas and southbound to the immense lands of Patagonia. In addition, the country holds lands in Antarctica and Easter Island in the remote Pacific Ocean.

Totally Latin America offer you an opportunity to discover the characteristics of people and place, that serve to create the five best luxury Chile vacations 2024. It is a country that can be visited as a singular destination or combined with neighbouring lands in Argentina, Peru or Bolivia. Your travel advisor will be happy to guide you on the multitude of options but let us explore the most beguiling adventures imaginable.

1. Patagonia Torres del Paine National Park (8 Days)

Arrive to Santiago de Chile for a stay at the delectable Singular Lastarria Hotel. Admire the neoclassical architecture of the capital, visit the home and museum of Nobel winner Pablo Neruda and the very best panoramic views of the city from San Cristobal Hill. We also offer exclusive access to some of the very best wineries of the Maipo, Cachapoal and Casablanca valleys. The perfect inauguration to the oenological nuances of Chile.

Onward to the lands of Patagonia and Torres del Paine in the south of Chile. These are among the last vestiges of our planet to afford opportunity to escape to the wildest natural landscapes. Perfectly located at the National Park of Torres del Paine is one of our favourite residences of Lago Grey Hotel. It offers the very best of expedition level comfort with culinary delights in a superb location. All of this is delivered by welcoming, enthusiastic knowledgeable and insightful guides. Any outdoor enthusiast has learnt that a great guide hugely adds to the enjoyment and educational learning of a day on the mountain.

In totality, this great escape to wilds nonpareil is deservedly rated in the five best luxury Chile vacations 2024. View a sample trip here.

Line of hikers on rock slope in Patagonia

2. Atlantic Ocean to Atacama Desert (12 Days)

This magnificent journey across both Argentina and Chile commences on Atlantic shores at historic Buenos Aires. We provide a unique and memorable dining experience with a local family. Our local hosts love cooking for family and friends and will show you the local ingredients and culinary secrets which serve to make you an expert Argentine chef. The home table will feature local, delicious seasonal foods. It is a unique opportunity to learn across cultures whilst enjoying the finest traditional fare in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

Westbound to the wine country of Mendoza. Here we learn not alone of the beautiful vineyards but the families that bring them to greatness on a world stage. Enjoy the opportunity to savour an Argentine asado roast with the owners of the vineyard in their own family home. Next, a scenic ride over the high Andes Mountains, culminating with a grand finale at the lunar like tableau of San Pedro de Atacama to witness unforgiving raw nature at work. Your personal guide here at Awasi Atacama Hotel brings the lands to life with the human stories of eking an existence in these driest lands on Earth. Your daily journeys of discovery will take you to fascinating locations such as the Devil’s Throat, Machuca, Tatio Geysers and the Láscar Volcano. Extensions to this journey can include visits to some of the foremost astronomical observatories in the world at Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO) and others. This region of Chile has some of the darkest and most transparent night skies on the plant.

The sheer breadth and complexity of people and place without question elevate this journey into the five best luxury Chile vacations 2024. Read more by clicking here.

elegant dining table in relaxed setting with open fireplaces in background

3. Legend of the Birdman: Santiago de Chile & Easter Island (7 Days)

Getting away from it all…. on a grand scale! Easter Island or Rapa Nui as it is known by locals, lies sequestered some 2,350 miles in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. It was known by its first Polynesian inhabitants as Te Pito KuraThe Navel of the World. It truly has the allure of a mystical and magical land, dormant volcanoes and of course the unique Moai statues which dot the landscape. In the 19th Century many of local inhabitants were taken by pirate slave ships and little historical record remains of the island’s origin.

Our favourite property is Explora Rapa Nui lodge and from here you will discover the prime locations and history. There are some stories that have survived the generations including King Hotu Matua’s landing at Anakena beach from Polynesia. It appears the society was mainly of Polynesian descent until a European landing was made on Easter Sunday 1722 by the Dutch Admiral Jacob Roggeveen. Mystery is the great attraction of Easter Island and the enigma of the evolution of the island and its people remains unsolved to this very day. Our expertly guided excursions include Ahu Akivi, Orongo & Ana Kai Tangata Cave, Rano Kau and Rano Raraku volcanoes and the navel of Ahu Te Pito Kura with Anakena Beach.

We conclude the trip in Santiago de Chile and include a visit to La Chascona, former home to beloved poet and Nobel Laureate Pablo Neruda. The eclectic residence provides a snapshot into the life and mind of Neruda, laden with art, diverse collections, and even his coveted Nobel Prize. Santiago also affords great opportunity to itinerary extensions to the best Chilean wine country. Our favourite residences include Vik Chile and Clos Apalta.

A superlative property, Explora Rapa Nui, in an incomparable remote location elevate this to the five best luxury Chile vacations 2024. Learn more of a sample tour by clicking here.

6 Moai statues with a starry night sky behind

4. Lake District & Mari Mari Reserve (10 Days)

Mari Mari Reserve is a truly exclusive luxury retreat nestled on the Pacific coastline and within reach of the picturesque Lake District of Chile. Puerto Montt Airport offers capability to receive private jets and we offer private helicopter transfers to this amazing property. The past guest list includes very many of regal lineage across the globe. Tailor made excursions include boating, mountain biking, helicopter rides, kayaking, hiking, birdwatching, photography, whale and dolphin watching, fishing, cooking, snorkelling and horse trekking. A complete insight to the residences and activities can be found by clicking here.  Alberto and his staff ensure a truly bespoke service is offered to all visitors, they work to create the very best; whatever you desire nothing is beyond reach.

Onward with a drive of two hours we arrive to the delightfully setting of Puerto Varas, gateway to the Lake District of Chile. Our preferred stay here is at the luxury AWA Hotel, nestled on the lake shore. From here we offer a broad array of hiking, biking, horseback riding, fishing, rafting and kayaking. For the ultimate in adventure thrills we can offer a helicopter ride to nearby Osorno volcano and max octane mountain bike down from the summit through spectacular scenery!

Mari Mari Reserve is an especially popular itinerary extension to luxury Antarctic cruises and the Lake District is often a favourite with extensions into Patagonia and Torres del Paine. Speak to your expert Chile luxury travel adviser here.

red and black helicopter flying over blue lake

5. Antarctic Fly Drake Passage – Cruise & Atacama Desert (14 Days)

An adventure of hot and cold, contrasting beyond compare. The Drake Passage was named after the British expeditioner Sir Francis Drake who journeyed here in 1577. This body of water in the Southern Ocean lies between Cape Horn and Antarctica. It is notorious for its rough passage and strong winds being about 550 miles across and taking two days by sea. We offer the opportunity to fly the Drake Passage over these choppy waters and join our short Antarctic cruise at King George Island for our short Antarctic cruise. The best of both worlds! This cruise trip is an eight-day adventure expedition to some of the very best natural wonders and wildlife of the White Continent. Excursions include hiking, Zodiac boat excursions and an optional Polar Plunge for those that wish to swim in the frigid waters of the Antarctic! At Totally Latin America our specially negotiated commercial rates allow us to offer the best rates and advice on this short Antarctic cruise and many others.

The cruise ends in Punta Arenas where we fly north and conclude your adventure in the driest desert on earth, Atacama. Spend four days here to enjoy the warmth following your frigid adventures down south. Visit immense salt flats, towering natural geysers and shimmering blue lagoons. For a special occasion why not embark on a serene hot air ballooning voyage over this majestic landscape.

This unparalleled journey in nature is a worthy club member of the five best luxury Chile vacations 2024. Further details of the Antarctic element of this trip can be found by clicking here.

people sat on rock overlooking lake with helicopter on the horizonYour expert adviser at Totally Latin America will be glad to advise and plan the perfect tailor-made journey. To begin your very own custom Chile adventure, click here.

What’s the Best Month to Visit Chile?

The weather of Chile varies considerably from region to region. As a broad outline guide the months of November to March are best, especially when venturing to the southern climes of Patagonia. A little further north with the Lake District you can extend to September to April. Santiago and the Atacama Desert and are typically year-round destinations but perhaps avoid June to August. Easter Island too is accessible year-round as it has a subtropical climate influenced by its maritime location. Antarctic Chile is November to March.

“I grew up in this town, my poetry was born between the hill and the river, it took its voice from the rain, and like the timber, it steeped itself in the forests.” (Pablo Neruda).
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