The Luxury Mari Mari Hotel & Natural Reserve is a hidden gem on the Pacific Coast of Chile which exudes luxury refinement in an idyllic wild natural setting. The preserve of visitors which include royal families across the globe, yet also proving a superb and unique family destination. Set amid thirteen miles of Pacific coastline and nine- thousand acres of natural reserve it is a place to reenergise and reconnect to nature. The beauty of Mari Mari Hotel is not just in aesthetics or setting but equally the human element of genuinely caring staff. This is derived from their ability to create true customisation in all that you may wish to do here.

Arrival to Mari Mari Hotel

Mari Mari Hotel is located on the Pacific Ocean coast of Northern (Green) Patagonia Chile. The nearest airport is El Tepual Puerto Montt (PMC) which has daily flights to Santiago de Chile (SCL) the capital. Private jet arrivals can fly directly to Puerto Montt (PMC). With a runway length of 8,694 ft it is well accommodated to receive most private and commercial aircraft. The journey by road to Mari Mari Hotel is 46 miles (1 h 15 min). Clients can also take an exclusive option and transfer with the hotel’s very own helicopter. It is a 20-minute journey which includes a wonderfully scenic flight along the Maullín River and coastal cliffs entering Mari Mari Hotel. Other nearby tourist attractions include Chiloe Island and Puerto Varas, the gateway to the Lake District of Chile.

Red Helicopter arriving at hotel Mari Mari

Private Helicopter

The Mari Mari Hotel Properties

The Luxury Mari Mari Hotel consists of one central clubhouse beachfront building.  The ground level is home to the main dining room and bar, barbeque and swimming pool. Upstairs you will find the wellness area with opportunity to enjoy yoga, meditation and the Küyuntün Spa. This includes sauna, steam, yoga and meditation rooms. Beyond the main clubhouse lie just six luxury private villas hugging the magnificent coastline. They vary in size and hold a total capacity of typically, thirty- eight guests. In the past is has often been booked out for exclusive family gatherings, weddings and business events.

Hotel on green coastline overlooking sea.

Hotel Mari Mari – Luxury Retreat

Embracing the simple beauty of the coastline, six oceanfront private villas offer the utmost comfort and privacy. Beautifully draped in native wood and stone, their rustic yet elegant design blends seamlessly to the landscape. The private villas accommodate between six and ten guests each. They are rustic yet elegant in design, very much in the style of large family homes of the region. The villas are expansive open plan affairs with kitchen, spacious living and dining area, natural fireplace and high-ceilinged wings that lead to superb bedrooms. Bathrooms offer whirlpool tubs and showers. All food and beverages provided in the villas is complimentary and for your comfort Wi-Fi is available throughout the property and villas. For the ultimate room with a view we recommend you venture beyond the garden to find the wood fired hot tub. The views at sunset are beyond reproach as you sip a glass of fine Malbec gazing to infinity across the Pacific Ocean.

Beautiful twin room with view from window

Villa – Twin Room with a View

Mari Mari Cuisine

The cuisine at Mari Mari is a joy to behold. Chef Daniela Flores takes pride to present sophisticated dishes focused on indigenous knowledge and tradition and crafted with local ingredients. Her mission is in creating healthy, wholesome foods with love and an eye for detail, using herbs, spices, and vegetables from the large organic garden, fresh seafood from the coast and locally sourced meat, poultry and cheese. Special dietary needs are serviced without hesitation as required.

Activities at Mari Mari Hotel & Natural Reserve

As little or as much as whatever you may wish to do. There are lists of possible tour suggestions but here all is possible in meeting each person’s individual needs. The aim is to strike a balance between nature and cultural-based options. Your expert guides hold a profound understanding of this unique eco-system and they will engage with you to discuss all available options and curate the experience that best suits your “nature.” Some of the activities at Mari Mari include boating, mountain biking, helicopter rides, kayaking, hiking, birdwatching, photography, whale and dolphin watching, fishing, cooking, snorkelling and horse trekking. The pursuits can be tailored to focus on one specific activity such as wine, horseback riding or family-oriented pursuits etc.  Children and families are especially welcome, and they will love the forest adventure, organic farm, climbing wall and perhaps go to the beach. At night on the sands they can enjoy a movie on a 22-foot screen! Cultural activities include a visit to Chiloé Island to view the UNESCO churches, a local village outing or visit the organic farm.

Horseback riders with sea and islands in background

Adventure – Horseback Riding

The hotel has its very own onsite helicopter which is available as an optional extra to complement all tours and activities as required. In addition, there exists several exclusive optional helicopter-only explorations that enrichen the scope of the experience at Mari Mari with highly experienced pilotage. These include fishing at remote lakes and rivers and an option to go diving with a certified diving (PADI) instructor. Whatever your preference, great flexibility exists to work to create your ultimate individual experiences.

buggy driving along beach front

Adventure – Buggy on Beach

Best Itinerary Choices for Mari Mari Hotel Chile

Mari Mari is a popular choice in itineraries when combined with our Chile Luxury Tours, including destinations like Santiago de Chile, Atacama Desert, Lake District and Patagonian Chile. Across the border with our selection of Luxury Argentina Tours, popular additions include Bariloche, Mendoza, Argentina and even beyond with our Antarctica Luxury Cruises.

Hot Tub with View over sea

Hot Tub with View


The Luxury Mari Mari Hotel & Natural Reserve is utterly unique in that it offers luxury villa accommodation on the wild shoreline of the Pacific Ocean in Chile. The experience is a costly one, but the value comes from the totality of your surroundings, the service and activities. It has a deserved coveted clientele which include many royal guests from across the globe and yet is a wonderful exclusive family destination too. This a place to live eventful, fun and active days, then by evening retreat to a peaceful luxuriant slumber as the ocean waves roll in. It offers unrivalled solitude, avoids the large hotel style and yet lives up to all expectations in the luxury preserve. The words of Nobel Prize poet Pablo Neruda on the Pacific Coastline would be very apt in describing the experience of a stay at this wonderful hotel.

Dining room with view over sea

Dining with a View

“Here I came to the very edge where nothing at all needs saying, everything is absorbed through weather and the sea, and the moon swam back, its rays all silvered, and time and again the darkness would be broken by the crash of a wave, and every day on the balcony of the sea, wings open, fire is born, and everything is blue again like morning”. (Pablo Neruda)
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