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It is our mission to deliver to you the ultimate travel experience through our attention to detail. This allows you the time to seamlessly enjoy the wonders of Peru as they unfold to a lifetime experience. We want to get to know our clients so that we really understand their travel style and as such offer a package which really meets their expectations. We only employ the very best people, as we value their skill, knowledge and experience. Great employees help us be successful. Their dedication, attention to detail and passion for travel is key to creating the best experiences possible. We will never be shy in offering our honest opinion about the best and worst travel experiences in Peru. This extends to not only services but also airlines, hotels and restaurants. We want to be considered as the local friend that our clients can turn to for an honest opinion about anything related to travel in Peru.

How we interact with our clients is key to our success. We want to offer the best service possible in a friendly and open manner that establishes confidence with our clients. This is not just limited to the planning of your trip, but how our guides and ground agents look after our clients whilst they are here in Peru. We quality assure each and every hotel and service that we use in our trips, so that our clients can be rest assured that they are getting the best. Anything that falls short of our expectations we simply don’t use.

Planning luxury Peru vacations is our specialty. At TLA Travel we arrange everything needed for a successful trip to Peru including: hotels, transfers, domestic and international flights, excursions, train and bus tickets, day and multi-day hikes, adventure activities, guide services, meals, cooking classes and much more. We will look after you from the time you arrive until the time you depart. Our clients simply need to turn up and enjoy.

We don’t want to just sell you a trip we want you to have the most memorable experience ever. This might sound like a bit of a cliché, but there are some things that we want to do differently to make sure your trip is the best it can be. The first is that we offer impartial advice about hotels and services in Peru. You’ll be sure to get an honest and open answer from us. The second is that we provide comprehensive documentation for your trip. We aren’t happy just sending you the basic information needed to get you by. We’ll enhance your trip by sending you a step by step guide of each day, include helpful snippets of information and also send you blogs and articles written by our luxury Peru travel experts. Finally, our guides, ground staff and management will go out of their way to make sure you are looked after and well-catered whilst travelling in Peru. Our in-country service is second to none. You can also call us 24/7 any time of the year, as we are located right here in Cusco.

TLA Travel has successfully been working in partnership with our clients for over 10 years to produce luxury Peru vacations of the highest quality.

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Totally Latin America
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From breath-taking Inca cities, to some of the best hotels and train rides on the continent, Peru is a world class destination. Experience something magical and travel to Peru!

Paul Jones TLA Travel

 Paul Jones, Owner & Founder

When I started TLA Travel 9 years ago, no one could have ever imagined just how alluring Peru would become to the international traveler. Back then, Peru was a relatively unknown destination and Machu Picchu was something that most people knew little about. Nowadays, things have changed quite a lot and the popularity of Peru is growing year on year. Thanks to 20 years or so of a fairly stable political system and an ever strengthening economy, Peru is now considered to be one of South America’s most prominent tourist destinations.

The landscape of tourism in Peru has also changed a lot too. Once only a destination for hardened backpackers and hippies searching for ayahuasca highs, Peru has developed a tourism scene which is suitable for all ages and types of traveler. The most developed touristic area of Peru is the Cusco region. This encompasses the Andean City of Cusco (once the capital of the Inca Empire), the rural area of the Sacred Valley and the most famous of all Inca ruins – the citadel of Machu Picchu. For those seeking adventure, this is also a popular trekking region. The Inca Trail, the scenic Salkantay Trek and the Choquequiraeo trek (Machu Picchu’s smaller sister) are all some of the most popular. The Amazon Jungle region of Peru is also well equipped for tourism. The national parks of Manu and Tambopata are easily accessible and have many great lodges to choose from. Further north near Iquitos, the Pacaya-Samiria National Park is also an emerging tourism region. Here you can also find many great lodges, but also a handful of luxury Amazon River cruises. Further afield, other destinations like Lake Titicaca, Arequipa, the Colca Canyon, Nazca, Paracas also serve tourism well. Although not as popular as the Inca attractions found in the Cusco region, these other destinations do offer you the chance to explore other lesser-traveled parts of the country. Incorporating some of these destinations in a trip can really enhance your time in Peru and allow you to time to soak up the eclectic culture and beauty of Peru.

We know that planning successful luxury Peru vacations can often be a time consuming and difficult task. There is so much to consider that it is often difficult to know where to start. Here are TLA Travel, we want to share our experience and knowledge with you to help you plan a successful trip to Peru. Furthermore we want the whole experience to be simple and hassle-free. After all, this is your vacation time.

We pride ourselves on being different from our competition. We will never be shy in offering our honest opinion about the best and worst travel experiences in Peru. This extends to not only services but also flight operators, hotels and restaurants. We want to be considered as the local friend that our clients can turn to for an honest opinion about anything related to travel in Peru.

Over the years, I have personally met many of our clients. When speaking with them I always try to ask one simple question, “What was the first word that came to mind when you saw Machu Picchu for the very first time?” The answer is never the same, but worlds like: incredible, breath-taking, magical, indescribable, spiritual, remarkable, amazing and powerful are to name a few. How will you describe it?

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Jason Kerney, Sales & Marketing Manager, Profile Pic,

Jason Kearney, Partner & Marketing Manager

Once upon a time I awoke in Urubamba village in the Sacred Valley of Peru and ventured out to behold a crystalline blue sky as a backdrop to the towering and majestic Andes”; and so the story unfolds.

I am Jason, originally from Ireland but now living here in Peru with my family. I first visited Peru in 2002 not for Machu Picchu but to see some of the other amazing mountains and outdoor attractions of this diverse land. In the intervening years I also added many other Latin America countries to my travels and they all offer their own unique attractions. I loved Peru so much I kept returning until finally coming to stay and call Lima my home city.

My past work has been wide and diverse much of it involved in sales, transport and logistics management and I think this was a good fit with getting to know, people and cultures all over Europe in my travels and then learning how to work with them and trade with them. A few years ago, I also returned to education in Ireland, beginning with a Cambridge University English language teaching CELTA qualification.  I followed it up with a Bachelor of Marketing degree and finally a Double Master’s of Business Internationalisation at both Waterford Institute of Technology Ireland and Brest Business School France. The educational setting was another great learning curve and it was marvellous for me to mix in a new setting and I enjoyed it immensely, hard work but enjoyable. It gave me a new perspective in my life and was ideal before I ventured to Peru.

I enjoy my work as at Totally Latin America and in a word what I try to bring to clients is “empathy”. Taking time to understand their needs and then using my local knowledge and past life experience to create the best possible vacation. Peru is a diverse land and offers natural attractions beyond compare but the ability to make everything work together is the key to success. The environment constantly evolves and living here helps me to understand and improve what I do each day. As we say in Ireland “the day you don’t learn something new is a bad day”.

Life’s journey continues and I enjoy spending my days planning a roadmap for people to realize their own dreams in Peru and Latin America. To not just see places, but to grow spiritually rich in their journey as individual human beings, engaging in the cultures and destinations of wonderful destinations. The travel business for me is not about just places it is more about people.

I look forward to planning, not just a good, but an exceptional vacation for anyone that would like to contact me. The first thing I do is listen and then offer my independent advice on the best options. I guess I have an easy start here as Peruvian and Latin America people have so much to offer. It’s all about life’s journey and not just the destinations and I hope I can share the journey on that road with you.

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