We believe that all travel should be undertaken responsibly. Travel should be a journey of discovery that enriches the lives of those that travel and the people that are visited along the way. Responsible travel should have a positive impact on the countries and people visited. Responsible travel should never negatively impact the environment. Totally Latin America believes strongly in responsible travel and all of our tours are designed with this in mind. Join with us in promoting responsible travel to Latin America.

What We Promote

  • Safe, fun and life-enriching travel experiences in Latin America.
  • Unique travel experiences that provide a greater understanding of the people and countries visited.
  • Travel experiences that enrich lives of local people, their communities and the environment around them.
  • Continued support for our chosen charities from the funds generated by the sale of our travel packages.

What We’ll Never Promote

  • Any activity that negatively impacts on people or the environment.
  • Dangerous or unsafe activities or experiences.
  • Activities or experiences where locals are unfairly paid, poorly equipped or unfairly treated.
  • Activities or experiences that are not legal or unregulated (ayahuasca for example).
  • Visits to child orphanages or charities that are not supported by us.