Paul Jones

Born in Bristol, England, I embarked on an adventurous journey to South America in 2007, drawn by the continent's allure and the chance to immerse myself in its rich culture and breathtaking landscapes. I settled in Cusco, Peru, where I honed my Spanish and encountered the warmth, vibrant traditions, and captivating spirit of the Peruvian people. Life in Latin America has transformed me, igniting a passion for sharing its essence with others. Compelled to create unforgettable experiences for fellow travellers, I established Totally Latin America, a company dedicated to crafting personalised itineraries that transcend ordinary vacations. Our mission lies in connecting travellers with the heart of Latin America – its people, traditions, and natural wonders. Whether you seek the thrill of the rainforest, cultural immersion in ancient ruins, or culinary delights in cosmopolitan cities, Totally Latin America is your gateway to an extraordinary Latin American adventure. Let us craft a journey that will leave an indelible mark on your soul.