Patagonia is one of the best destinations you can bring your family for an adventurous outdoorsy vacation. Not only will it allow you and your kids to reconnect with the beauty of our natural world but it will give you time and space to reconnect with each other and create forever kind of memories. Spend your days hiking, cycling, or horseriding through the mountains, discovering giant glaciers, and trying out new activities like whitewater rafting and skiing. 

These are just a few of the many memorable Patagonia family tours you can book on your Argentina/Chile vacation. Read on to learn more about the very best Patagonia family tours and destinations. Where will your next family adventure take you?

Is Patagonia a family-friendly destination?

Although Patagonia is often earmarked as a destination for seasoned outdoorsmen challenging themselves with tough hikes and extreme sports, the region is actually for everyone. It would be fair to say that while multi-day hikes like the Huemul Circuit and the O Circuit aren’t suitable for families, plenty of picturesque walks are. Besides, there’s more to Patagonia than hiking and it may surprise you just how much of it is accessible to children (from toddlers to teens). Between opportunities to witness glacier carving, go horseback riding, and even whitewater rafting, it’s easy to fill a long vacation with exciting Patagonia family tours. To find out if it is safe to travel to Patagonia, we have put together a blog post to answer all your questions.

Which Patagonia destinations are best for families?

While some destinations are marketed more towards families than others, each of them has many unmissable Patagonia family tours that will ensure you feel glad to have visited. Therefore, families don’t need to feel limited to where they can go and what they can do on their Patagonia trip. However, it’s worth consulting a travel agency like TLA which knows the most family-friendly accommodations, activities, and tours throughout the region to tailor the Patagonian destinations you want to visit to your family’s needs and preferences.

To give you a clearer picture of what Patagonia’s most popular destinations are like for family trips, we will talk about each one in more detail:

El Chalten, Argentina 

Best Patagonia Family Tours

Home to high-altitude mountain peaks like Cerro Torre and Mount Fitz Roy, El Chalten is largely oriented to serious hikers. But don’t let it’s reputation scare you off; there are also plenty of unique family-friendly activities that cannot be experienced in other Patagonian destinations. This includes several excellent day hikes suitable for families with older children (including the famous Laguna de los Tres), ice hiking, and glacier boat trips.

El Calafate, Argentina 

Best Patagonia Family Tours

El Calafate is another Patagonian destination typically positioned towards hiking that might surprise you with its top Patagonia family tours. Aside from fun short hikes, you and your kids will have opportunities to go wildlife spotting, iceberg dodging, and museum hopping. Sat on the shores of Lago Argentina, the town itself is also an ideal place to explore and rest between days of adventure.

Tierra del Fuego/ Ushuaia, Argentina 

Best Patagonia Family Tours

Tierra del Fuego, located at the southern tip of Patagonia, is loved for its low-effort activities that can be enjoyed by any age. You can take your kids wildlife-spotting on a boat tour, or ride on a scenic train, and even go dog-sledding. Most of the hikes here are short but rewarding too. Meanwhile, the town of Ushuaia is a quiet yet cool place to wander around, try local cuisine, and relax.

Torres del Paine, Chile

Best Patagonia Family Tours

Torres del Paine is famed for its unforgettable three-tower mountain peak which can be reached on a medium-difficulty day hike suited to families with older children. Those with younger children can easily explore the park’s wonderful highlights on a driving tour instead. There are also a lot of fun Patagonia family tours outside of the park including penguin-spotting in Punt Arenas and horseriding through the lowlands.

Argentine/Chilean Lake District 

Best Patagonia Family Tours

The Argentine and Chilean Lake Districts are so perfect for your trip that it almost feels like they were purpose-built by nature with Patagonia family tours in mind. Between the mountains and the lakes, there are so many fun and adventurous activities for your family to do together from fly-fishing to whitewater rafting. Plus, there’s a wide selection of gorgeous hotels and lodges that accommodate families with ease too.

If we haven’t mentioned one of the Patagonia destinations you’re interested in visiting with your family, please get in touch with us here to get your questions answered!

The Very Best Patagonia Family Tours to Book on your Argentina/Chile Vacation

Best Patagonia Family Tours

Stay in an authentic estancia (anywhere in Patagonia) — As a rural region surrounded by incredible scenery, Patagonia is the perfect place to stay on a typical Argentine/Chilean estancia. While some of them are positioned as luxury retreats, others offer a more hands-on working ranch experience. Both offer a beautiful insight into ranch life with activities like horse riding, cooking, animal care, and local excursions. Find out the Best time to visit Patagonia: Month by Month to plan your trip accordingly.

Horseback riding (anywhere in Patagonia) 

Wherever you go in Patagonia, horseback riding tours are a sure-fire family favorite first and foremost because it is suitable for all ages and experience levels. Moreover, it’s an equally relaxed yet exhilarating activity that will effortlessly entertain your family. The breathtaking Patagonian scenery you’ll be surrounded by is just an added bonus.

Whitewater rafting (Argentine/Chilean Lake District) 

Although this is definitely one of the more daring Patagonia family tours, it’s also one of the most rewarding. The feeling of working as a team to conquer the rapids of Patagonia’s woodlands gets your adrenaline pumping and gives your family the chance to bond like never before. Despite its challenging reputation, there are child-friendly whitewater rafting tours.

Skiing (several locations in Patagonia) 

Whether you are a family of proficient skiers or keen beginners, Patagonia’s slopes are the perfect place to spend winter in the southern hemisphere. Bariloche in the Argentine Lake District, Cerro Castor in Ushuaia, and even Antillanca in the Chilean lakes are some of the top ski destinations in the region. Each of them has a range of ski levels and plenty of other activities off the slopes too.

Wildlife spotting (several locations in Patagonia) 

Your kids will love heading out into the Patagonian wilderness to spot animals they’ve possibly never seen before in the wild. Torres del Paine is one of the best destinations for this activity because it’s home to a large population of puma. However, Tierra del Fuego is famed for its marine life including whales, penguins, and fur seals.

Day hikes (throughout Patagonia)

It’s by no means mandatory to go hiking in Patagonia just because it’s what the area is so famous for, but if you do feel inclined, many short half-day and full-day hikes are suited to families. These include popular hikes like Laguna de los Tres and Grey Glacier as well as a wealth of lesser-known but equally rewarding hikes like Mirador Salto Grande and the Mount Fitz Roy condor hike in El Chalten.

Glacier boat tour (Torres del Paine/ Los Galciares) 

Besides its poetic mountain peaks, Patagonia’s glaciers are perhaps its coolest sight and a boat tour will give your family the chance to witness them up close. Experience the scale and power of these icy giants at Torres del Paine’s Grey Glacier or at Perito Moreno in Los Glaciares National Park. Not only will the boat tour be one of your family’s most thrilling experiences, but it will be one of the easiest too. 

More Patagonia family tours and activities:

  • Go Fly-fishing on the lakes in Nahuel Huapi
  • Try out eco-glamping in El Chalten
  • Explore the local towns and their cultural highlights
  • See ancient cave paintings in Torres del Paine
  • Kayak together on glacial lakes
  • Take the kids on a Patagonian road trip
  • Enjoy scenic family bike rides throughout the region

Finding family-friendly accommodation in Patagonia 

There is a wealth of divine stays in Patagonia that are perfectly equipped for families. Find everything from spacious family suites in luxury hideaway lodges to fun mountainside eco-glamping pods. While many accommodations offer a selection of their own Patagonia family tours, others require separate tour bookings. Either way, it’s best to organize the Patagonia family tours you don’t want to miss through a travel agency like TLA which benefit from priority scheduling and better rates.

Book your Patagonia Family Tours with Totally Latin America

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