Jason Kearney

Born in Ireland and raised with a love for maps and geography, I've been fascinated by the world since childhood. This curiosity has led me to travel extensively, from across Europe to the majestic mountains of Peru. My wanderlust eventually brought me to Lima, Peru, where I fell in love with the vibrant culture and stunning landscapes. In 2002, I made the life-changing decision to settle in Lima, marrying a Peruvian woman and starting a family. Our daughter has brought immense joy into our lives, and our home in Lima has become our permanent residence. While I'm passionate about work, I'm now fortunate to combine my professional pursuits with my love of adventure. I enjoy hiking in the breathtaking Peruvian mountains, exploring the diverse regions of Latin America, and sharing these experiences with my family. When downtime allows, I'm drawn to reading philosophy books, indulging in photography, immersing myself in documentaries, and socializing with friends. Lima's vibrant culinary scene offers a delightful array of Peruvian ceviche and the occasional Guinness, a reminder of my Irish roots.