A symbolic voyage which is a meditation on the restlessness and exile” thus, Bruce Chatwin described Patagonia Argentina. Dreams proliferate to this very day; Argentina exists as a land of elemental escapes. Nestled on the Southern Cone of South America, it is a gargantuan land encompassing myriad inviting territories to lose oneself. The high Andes Mountains, Mendoza, Cordoba, The Pampas, Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aires, Chubut and southbound to Patagonia and Los Glaciares culminating at forlorn Ushuaia, the gateway to Antarctica.

Totally Latin America offer you an opportunity to discover the five best luxury Argentina vacations 2022. Argentina as a luxury destination offers infinite possibilities. What you see, and how you experience these treasured lands will enormously benefit from a well-crafted itinerary. Distances are large, of continental proportions and so the combinations require due consideration for an epic experience. Each trip is unique here but let us explore the best time to visit and learn what are the must do destinations.

1. Essential Buenos Aires & Mendoza Wineries (10 Days)

This luxury Argentina vacation offers a great contrast of metropolitan and rural life all in just ten memorable days. We begin in Buenos Aires and a stay at the iconic La Belle Époque styled Alvear Palace Hotel. The past guest list is a snapshot of stardom over the past nice decades, and you can join the club! The perfect base to explore this city of proud cultural standing. The unrivalled home of tango dance on the continent and a great epicurean scene of roast asdados, secret bars and wine tastings which abound across districts such as Retiro, Recoleta, San Nicolas and Palermo. Let us surprise you!

Onward to the famed wine country of Mendoza at the foot of the Andes Mountains. Here exist more than 900 wineries and we include visits to only the very best. We include select access to a barbeque at a vineyard owner’s house at DiamAndes. Your accommodations too at Cavas Wine Lodge with Martín and Cecilia guarantee you an exquisite experience in viticulture and oenology with premiere wine safaris. Mendoza is also a great outdoor destination. We can include a day’s rafting at the secluded outposts of San Rafael & Atuel Canyon, horse trekking, biking or even hiking the foothills of the Mount Aconcagua, the highest peak in all the Americas. Your return to Buenos Aires will find you irrevocably changed and enriched from your Argentine forays. In totality, this great cultural and epicurean journey is deservedly highly rated in the five best luxury Argentina vacations 2022. Begin your great adventure by contacting our expert adviser here.

2. Solitudes of Argentina (10 Days)

This is an exceptional journey to the essence of both Latin America and your very own soul. It is a rather special exploration which offers time and solitude, to do lots, or simply connect to people converse and savour the patterns of nature. The journey begins in Buenos Aires where you may enjoy the Colón Theatre dating from 1908 and rated one of the five best concert venues in the world. An eve at the opera or indeed catch a fine tango show with dinner at Rojo Tango.

Next, we venture to our friends Kevin and Lou Begg at Estancia Los Potreros . Cradled to the pastoral hills at Cordoba, this homestead is the ultimate country retreat. A place to strip away mental baggage and awaken your senses to rekindle the core values of social interaction around the family table. It exudes the calm and tranquillity only country life can bring. There are no scripts for a visit here and the seasons serve to paint the day’s activities.

Southbound we navigate to the mother nature’s majestic cauldron of El Chaltén. Awaken in a geodesic dome to an idyllic vista of Mount Fitzroy and admire the prolific bounties of mother nature. Nicolás and his team have created a glamping experience like no other at Chaltén Camp in a beautiful secluded valley. The camp consists of four geodesic domes which comprise three select accommodations and a main dome for dining. Just you and mother nature with free time to enjoy the hikes around Cerro Torre and Fitzroy mountains, Chinook Salmon fishing, mountain biking, birdwatching or kayaking.  These ten wondrous days in Argentina without question elevate this journey into the five best luxury Argentina vacations 2022. Read more by clicking here.

3. Luxury Adventure Quest Patagonia – Argentina & Chile (12 Days)

Only mother nature weaves the exquisite! Life has been described as a quest for knowledge and the lands of Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia have had magnetic attraction for adventurers for centuries past. Names such as Ferdinand Magellan, Charles Darwin, Robert FitzRoy and Francis Drake conjure images of the ultimate voyages to the precipice of the known world. You too can fulfil your quest for adventure and discover these remote lands on a deep elemental journey. When standing under the pillars of Torres del Paine, admiring the grandeur of Mount FitzRoy or navigating the tempestuous waters of Cape Horn you ultimately are grounded by the immensities of nature. That’s something lost upon us in todays connected world. Visiting these remote outposts serve to feed our innate spirit to return to the simplicity of mother earth’s offerings.

Along the way, enjoy the finest of accommodations including The Four Seasons Hotel, Buenos Aires, being sure to choose a suite at La Mansión here. This Beaux Art mansion exudes the period opulence of high ceilings, shimmering chandeliers draped with antique period furnishings.

Onward to Patagonia and one of our favourite stays is that of EOLO Patagonia. Ten thousand acres protect this estancia, with quintessential rural Argentine luxury. Ideally located just forty-five minutes from Los Glaciares National Park it offers the ultimate in seclusion with just seventeen rooms in a stunning location. Activities include hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, bird watch or simply soaking up the joys of your surrounds with a good book and a clean pair of eyes.

Our final stay is at Explora Lodge El Chalten, this new property is situated in a stunning valley at Los Huemules Reserve, right in the heart of trekking country for FitzRoy and Cerro Torre peaks. You need a minimum of three nights here to truly appreciate the location. A haven for lovers of the great outdoors with opportunity for hikes of all categories. Our favourite half days include Laguna de Los Tres and Mirador Cerro Torre with full day explorations to Vespigniani Glacier and Paso del Cuadrado. Climbing too is an option for the brave!

Luxuriant properties in boundless natural locations elevate this exploration into the five best luxury Argentina vacations 2022. Learn more by clicking here.

4. Majestic Iguazu Falls & Lake District Argentina (13 Days)

This two-week adventure is a diverse and all-encompassing journey in the wonders of Argentina and neighbouring Chile. It includes Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Bariloche, Puerto Varas, culminating in Santiago de Chile. Lose yourself in beautiful natural surrounds, roaring waterfalls, trekking, yachting and panoramic vistas by helicopter! All interspersed with magical relaxation time at pristine locations en route.

We commence at Buenos Aires with an insightful tour of this architectural and cultural gem of Latin America. By evening have fun on our secret speakeasy cocktail adventure accessing select closed bars of the city. You have an envelope with a clue and if you are smart enough to guess the correct answer, you will join the mystery of these secret speakeasy bars! Onward to the Iguazú Falls which holds 275 waterfalls that reach a height of almost 260 feet. Declared one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature in the World we include a helicopter ride for the ultimate panoramic vista. Enjoy your Iguazu Falls stay at the nearby and simply delectable Belmond Das Cataratas Hotel.

The next chapter of your story unfolds near the lake district of Bariloche at the exclusive residence of Villa Beluno Hotel at Lake Nahuel Huapi. Heavenly appears an apt description where you can kayak, hike, yacht or simply enjoy the spa, doing absolutely nothing but muse upon your sumptuous surrounds. Onward over the border by lake crossing we arrive to AWA Hotel at Puerto Varas Chile. Our favourite activities here are the resident cooking class learning the culinary delights of Southern Chile, Whilst here be sure to include the helicopter flight to the top of Osorno Volcano, then enjoy the downhill Cochamó Valley trek. Your amazing adventure ends in Santiago de Chile where you arrive forever changed and spiritually enriched. This diverse journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean is an all-encompassing voyage as one of the five best luxury Argentina vacations 2022, discover more by clicking here.

5. Nature’s Finest – Iguazu Falls & Salta Argentina (09 Days)

A beguiling journey in nature from the thundering Falls of Iguazú to the hidden trails of Argentina’s North West at Salta. This sublime adventure in Northern Argentina whisks you from charismatic Buenos Aires to Iguazú Falls and onward to explore the hidden valleys of Salta and Cafayate. Live the sounds of nature’s choir in the Atlantic Rainforest, the raucous thundering falls at dawn, or navigating a 10,000-year-old trade route in the rarefied high Andes. Celebrate your life; cherish your yesterdays, dream your tomorrows and come live your todays.

Buenos Aires a cultural and epicurean heaven. Centuries of influence from a multitude of cultures have served to evolve this city on the shores of the Rio de La Plata river to an iconic status. What is the attraction? Impromptu tango dance, roast asado barbeques, savouring Malbec wines or combing the market at San Telmo the options are boundless. All the while Porteños juxtapose their bon vivant personality with an elusive melancholic air. It is this inability to define Buenos Aires and its people that continues our restlessness journey.

Onward to Awasi Lodge at Puerto Iguazú. This hidden 14 room luxury rainforest lodge is the perfect place to explore the wonder of the world that are Iguazu Falls. 275 falls spanning an enormous 1.7 miles! At Awasi Lodge enjoy your own individual guide and 4×4 vehicle for the ultimate in personalised explorations to the rainforest and falls. At the end of your day relax in your very own private plunge pool in lush tropical surrounds.

At Salta your accommodation is the luxury country estancia of the Fenestraz family at House of Jasmines. Activities include yoga, horse-riding, biking, hiking, wine tours to Cafayate and cooking classes. Salta has a wild unexplored natural setting, and this is especially true at the The Humahuaca Gorge. This site has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Here, the landscape and the colours of the hills merge with the equally colourful villages that inhabit this area. This tour is about social contact and learning about ancient cultures and part of the route was even originally on the Camino de Inca (Inca Trail). This road has been a commercial trading route for over 10,000 years.

Rest assured this Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls & Salta will lift you on a rapturous journey of Argentine cultural and natural wonders. It truly earns the accolade to become one of the five best luxury Argentina vacations 2022. Further details of this trip, click here.

What Month to Visit Argentina?

With such a diverse geographical base the weather of Argentina varies considerably from region to region. As a broad outline guide the months of early November to April are best, especially when venturing to Patagonia. Further north with Iguazu, Buenos Aires and Mendoza these are typically year-round destinations. An excellent comprehensive guide to month-by-month travel in Argentina can be found here.

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“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” (John Muir)
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