Not only are Brazil and Argentina two of the world’s largest countries to travel to, but they are also two of the most rewarding. They sit beside each other to create South America’s west coast but in terms of their nature and culture, they couldn’t be further apart. As South American experts, TLA knows how to travel to Brazil and Argentina to experience the very best of their colorful cultures and natural beauty. Like what you see, discover our luxury Brazil and Argentina tours created to cater to your every need.

These two Brazil and Argentina three-week itineraries have been thoughtfully curated to allow those traveling through these two countries to have the most enriching experience possible. Whilst the itinerary is packed with once-in-a-lifetime adventures from flying above the Iguazu Falls to boarding the Train to the Clouds, it keeps a steady and balanced pace. Read on to find out which one you’d choose. 

Itinerary 1: Exploring the Cultures of Brazil and Argentina

Rio de Janeiro – Iguazu Falls – Salta Province – Mendoza – Buenos Aires 

This three-week Brazil and Argentina itinerary offers a harmonious mix of historic and modern culture. Between their shopping, dining, art, and cultural sights, the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires introduce you to modern metropolitan life in Brazil and Argentina. At the other extreme, the northern Argentinian region of Salta takes you back to the roots of indigenous communities that have lived throughout the Andes foothills for centuries. Mendoza, meanwhile, nods its head to Argentina’s colonial roots and gaucho traditions whilst promising the world’s best Malbec. 

4 Days in Rio

The three-week Brazil and Argentina itinerary of a lifetime begins with four days in the world’s most bright and boisterous city, Rio de Janeiro. Upon arriving, settle into a seafront suite in the trendy neighborhood of Ipanema or a boujie boutique hotel in the quiet and refined hilltop neighborhood of Santa Teresa. The next few days will be spent getting acquainted with the city through its sights, experiences, and cuisine with the assistance of a private guide. Expect to see Christ the Redeemer up close, dance samba in the streets of Lapa, and sip caipirinhas on Copacabana.

3 Days in Iguazu Falls

Next, take a short two-hour flight to one of the 7 Wonders of the Natural World, Iguacu Falls, for three days of relaxation and exploration from the comfort of a highly exclusive resort. Beat the crowds with early access to the falls but take a private helicopter above for the best views to fully appreciate its grandeur. Over the next few days, use the rest of your time to either rest at your resort’s pool and spa or embark on a few adventurous activities in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest. Kayaking beneath the Iguacu Falls, whitewater rafting, and wildlife spotting are just a few of the exciting experiences it offers.`

5 Days in Salta Province

Cross the border from Brazil to Argentina, at the confluence of the Iguazu Falls, to begin the next leg of your adventure with a two-hour flight to Salta. Home to some of South America’s last remaining indigenous communities, this remote northern region of Argentina awaits to impress you with its ancient culture, wine regions, and traditions amongst a breathtaking desert landscape. Spend five inspiring days walking amongst cacti forests, hiking to a rainbow-colored mountain, and witnessing the wonder of the Argentinian salt flats. In your downtime, explore the local adobe towns and shop at their handicraft markets. Don’t leave without riding the Train to the Clouds, one of the world’s highest railway lines.

5 Days in Mendoza

two horseback riders in ochre colored vineyard Mendoza

From the ancient lands of Argentina, you’ll arrive in the colonial heartlands of Mendoza, now the country’s world-renowned wine region. Spend the next five days tasting Malbecs and Cab Sauvs from its most famous wineries to its trendiest and most traditional, getting the full Argentinian wine experience. Hop from one to the next on horseback like a true Argentinian Gaucho or opt to drive through the countryside in style with your own classic car. After days spent sipping wine and exploring Mendoza, pampering, delicious cuisine, and a restful sleep will be ensured at your boutique winery lodge.

4 days in Buenos Aires

Your incredible three-week Brazil and Argentina itinerary comes to a close in the country’s brilliant capital, Buenos Aires. Take the first of four delightful days here to settle in after the 1.5-hour flight and begin to explore the city at your own pace. For the next two days, you’ll be provided with private transport for an in-depth and enriching tour of Buenos Aires’ highlights including the Casa Rosada, Recoleta Cemetary, the MALBA, and La Boca neighborhood. To celebrate the end of your extraordinary trip, put on your finest clothes to spend the last night watching a performance at the Teatro Colon.

Itinerary 2: From the Cities and Back to Nature in Brazil and Argentina

Rio de Janeiro – Pantanal Wetlands – Iguazu Falls – Buenos Aires – Patagonia

This three-week Brazil and Argentina itinerary allows you to experience the extremes of life in these wildly vast countries. On the one hand, it allows you to delve into the sights and sounds of South America’s coolest and most happening cities, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. On the other hand, it invites you to explore its most remote and enigmatic wild landscapes. While the Pantanal Wetlands offers witness to one of Earth’s rarest ecosystems, Iguazu Falls shows off its largest waterfall system, and Patagonia takes you to its greatest grasslands and mountain peaks.

4 Days in Rio de Janeiro

Begin this Brazil and Argentina itinerary in the throes of Rio de Janeiro’s samba-dancing streets. After settling into a palatial hotel in Ipanema, spend the rest of the day shopping and dining in your new local neighborhood, which just happens to be the trendiest part of the city. Over the next two days, a private guide will introduce you to every city sight you wish to see from the Lapa Steps to Christ the Redeemer himself, now one of 7 New Wonders of the World. Whilst here, take the time to immerse in Brazilian modern culture by attending a local Botafogo or Flamengo game and visiting the Museum of Modern Art.

5 Days in the Pantanal Wetlands

After the sensory excitement of South America’s most fervent city, take a flight to the Pantanal Wetlands where birdsong is the only sound you’ll hear. As the world’s largest wetland ecosystem, it offers an unparalleled opportunity to witness life in marshy flood-plained landscapes. Stay at a luxury safari lodge in the heart of the Pantanal which provides adventurous daily safaris and other activities including kayaking, birdwatching, horseriding, and wilderness walking. Along the way, be prepared to see nature at its most magnificent with jaguar, tapir, giant otter, and anaconda sightings to name a few.

3 Days in Iguazu Falls

From the Pantanal, you’ll head to the Brazilian-Argentine border where one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World lies, the Iguacu Falls. During the three-day stay, there’s ample opportunity to see the world’s biggest waterfall system from all of its best viewpoints and exclusive crowd-free sunrise viewings can also be arranged. Whilst here, hidden far from the world in the depths of the Atlantic Forest, take the time to recuperate at the luxurious pool and spa facilities in your high-end resort or tick whitewater rafting off your bucket list. 

4 Days in Buenos Aires

After a week spent out in nature, it’s time to dive back into city life and explore the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires. The Parisianesque city streets are lined with belle epoque buildings and you’ll be staying in the finest of them all in Recoleta, the heart of the city. Take two days with a private guide to enjoy the city’s famous sights like the Plaza del Mayo and La Boca. In your spare time, get acquainted with the upscale shops and restaurants in your local neighborhood. As the home of tango, spend your last night in the city watching the world’s most sensual and sultry dance at a top tango show following a five-star Argentine steak dinner at Don Julio.

5 Days in Patagonia

Five adventurous days in Patagonia completes this Brazil and Argentina itinerary. Fly direct to El Calafate where you’ll be transferred to a luxurious remote Patagonian retreat that provides exceptional private and small-group tours around Patagonia as well as a tranquil place to relax amongst nature. Whilst some might prefer a full schedule of adventure to see Patagonia’s must-see sights, others will enjoy a balanced schedule with a hand-picked selection of activities and rest time. This will be tailored to you ahead of time but some of the highlights we recommend include a boat ride to Perito Moreno Glacier, a hike to El Chalten, and a horse ride across the Patagonian steppes. 

Tailor the Brazil and Argentina Itinerary to You

These two Brazil and Argentina three-week itineraries are examples of how best to spend your exploring these countries to experience their culture and nature to the fullest. Best of all, however, they have been created with flexibility in mind and they can easily be adapted to two-week itineraries, extended to four-week itineraries, or whatever timeframe best suits the traveler. The time scales, destinations, and activities of these itineraries can also be tailored to your individual preferences. To find out more about tailoring the ideal Brazil and Argentina itinerary for you, get in touch with TLA by messaging us here or calling +1 855 217 9045.