From cities and beaches to forests and wetlands, Brazil is an expansive country that entices visitors with an endless list of exciting destinations to travel to. Despite what its intimidating size might suggest, it’s easy to get a satisfyingly enriching experience in Brazil whether you have one month to travel the country or one week. 

In this article, we share our expert suggestions on where to go and what to do in the time frame you have. These suggested Brazil custom tour itineraries range from one week to two weeks, three weeks, and four with travel and rest days taken into consideration, allowing you to make the most of your time without becoming overwhelmed or worn out. The best thing about the Brazil tour itineraries, aside from our thoughtful guidance, is their complete customizability. Use them as inspiration to help you decide what you would like your ideal luxury Brazil tour to look like. Read on to find out which one fits you best. 

1 Week Brazil Custom Tour Itineraries

1-Week Wonders of the World Tour: Rio de Janeiro & Iguazu Falls

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Even with only one week to spend in Brazil, you can tick off two of the Wonders of the World and so much more. First up is the mesmerizing Christ the Redeemer which stands at 38 meters tall on one of the highest peaks overlooking Rio de Janeiro. The imposing statue is impressive, but the views across this stunning city steals the show. 

After three days of sightseeing and culture in Brazil’s most colorful city, fly to Iguazu Falls, proclaimed one of the 7 Wonders of the Natural World for its status as the Earth’s largest waterfall system. To truly comprehend the scale and beauty of this feat of nature, take a helicopter flight above it for an epic birds-eye view. Surrounded by the Atlantic Forest, Iguazu is an idyllic place to relax and enjoy Brazil’s famously bountiful nature after a few busy days exploring Rio.

1-Week State of Rio Tour: Rio de Janeiro & Paraty

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Instead of spending a week stuffing as much as possible into your Brazil itinerary, choose quality over quantity by focusing on the highlights of the State of Rio’s coastline. This itinerary begins with a bang in Brazil’s most envigorating city, Rio de Janeiro, where the streets always have a beat. Spend three energetic days ticking off its must-see list from Copacabana to Christ the Redeemer and don’t forget to practice your samba along the way. 

Afterward, take a private transfer to the quaint colonial port town of Paraty to experience the slower and more laid-back side of Brazil. While dreamy white-sand beaches line its coast, lush green mountains paint the background making for the perfect balance of exploration and relaxation. Meanwhile, Paraty’s Historic Center will introduce you to Brazil’s traditional charms.

2 Week Brazil Custom Tour Itineraries

2-Week Best of Brazil Tour: Rio de Janeiro, Pantanal Wetlands, & Sao Paulo

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In this two-week best of Brazil custom tour, you’ll explore the country’s biggest cities and its most intriguing ecosystem. The adventure begins with five exciting days in Rio which provides plenty of time to properly experience the city rather than simply tick off its highlights. Spend your mornings visiting the sights and museums, the afternoons hanging out in new neighborhoods or on the beaches, and the evenings eating at top Brazilian restaurants.

Next, you’ll head to Pantanal for six powerful days exploring the world’s largest tropical wetland. By day, an expert guide will take you on safari to discover the ecosystem’s unique wildlife including everything from macaws and caiman to marsh deer, capybara, and jaguar. By night, take time to luxuriate in your remote eco-lodge. Finish the Brazil tour with a few days in the capital of Sao Paulo soaking up Brazilian culture in its art, history, language, and football museums.

2-Week Best Cities in Brazil Tour: Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, & Sao Paulo

This Brazil custom tour is all about spending quality time in its best cities. The itinerary begins with four days of fun in Rio de Janeiro visiting some of Brazil’s most famous sights including Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain, and the the Amanha Museum. Between sightseeing, take some time to practice samba in Lapa and chill on the beach in Copacabana. 

Afterward, fly to Salvador, the capital of the State of Bahia, to spend a week immersing in its distinctive Afro-Brazilian culture and sunbathing on its incomparable beaches. From their history to their dress and their food, the Afro-Brazilian community will leave a lasting impression. Finally, spend your last few days in the Brazilian capital of Sao Paulo to get a slice of the cosmopolitan life. Its contrast from Rio and Salvador will show you just how beautifully diverse Brazil is.

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3 Week Brazil Custom Tour Itineraries

3-Week Best of Brazil Tour: Rio de Janeiro, Pantanal Wetlands, Sao Paulo, & Iguazu Falls

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Encompassing cities, unique ecosystems, and even a couple of Wonders of the World, this three-week Brazil custom tour lines up the best of Brazil. The first stop is Rio de Janeiro which, between dancing samba in the streets of Lapa and sunbathing in Ipanema, provides the best possible insight into Brazilian culture. After five days spent in the city, The Pantanal, the world’s largest wetland will be waiting to show off its incredible ecosystem. Spend five days at a luxury Pantanal lodge wildlife spotting on the exhilarating day and night wildlife safaris.

From Pantanal, swap the safari pants for your finest attire as you take a short flight to the Brazilian capital of Sao Paulo. A modern and cosmopolitan city, its restaurants, bars, and museums are an enlivening contrast from the throes of the far-off floodplains. For your final destination, head to Iguazu Falls one of 7 Natural Wonders of the World for a balanced week of adventure and relaxation amidst the grand beauty of the world’s biggest waterfall. While the Atlantic Forest offers outdoorsy fun like hiking, kayaking, and wildlife spotting, your five-star spa and pool hotels hidden amongst the lush will offer the perfect respite from it. 

3-Week City to Jungle Tour: Sao Paulo, Iguazu Falls, Rio de Janeiro, and Amazon

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This three-week city-to-jungle Brazil custom tour highlights the brilliantly extreme contrasts this vast country has to offer. It begins in a concrete jungle full of impressive skyrise buildings, elegant restaurants, and fast cars and ends in a tropical jungle filled with sky-high trees concealing the world’s most exotic — and dangerous — plants and animals. By the end of this tour, you’ll have tasted every flavor of Brazil.

In case you hadn’t guessed it, the capital of Sao Paulo is the first stop on the tour. Spend four days living the high life in this cosmopolitan capital as you take private museum tours, eat at top restaurants, and shop in luxury malls before heading down to Iguazu for a week to kick back in a five-star resort between adventures to and around Iguazu Falls. Afterward, rejoin civilization in Rio de Janeiro for five days of sightseeing, sunbathing and samba. Swapping palatial hotels for basic jungle lodges, the tour finishes with an adventure into the Amazon to witness the wonders of nature inside the lungs of the Earth.

4 Week Brazil Custom Tour Itinerary

4-Week Bounties of Brazil Tour: Rio de Janeiro, Amazon, Salvador, Pantanal, Sao Paulo, & Iguazu Falls

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The four-week Bounties of Brazil custom tour is an all-encompassing itinerary featuring everything the country is known and loved for. Between all the stops on this tour, you’ll get an unparalleled insight into the country’s indigenous, Portuguese, and African history and cultural influences as well as a privileged close-up of its distinctly diverse array of natural landscapes and ecosystems.

The tour begins in Rio where you’ll visit Christ the Redeemer and shop in Ipanema before swapping the luxuries of city life for Amazonian wildlife. After coming face-to-face with the jungle’s most unruly creatures with the assistance of a private naturalist guide, you’ll be happy to head to the city of Salvador to immerse in Afro-Brazilian music and cuisine instead. 

Afterward, get out your binoculars for a safari week in the Pantanal Wetlands where you could get the chance to observe wild jaguars. From there, the pace changes once again as you saunter through the electric streets of Sao Paulo and experience Brazil’s more modern side. The epic four-week tour finishes at the astounding Iguazu Falls for a week of relaxation and adventure around the world’s largest waterfall. 

Create your own Brazil Custom Tour Itinerary

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