Sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and Andes Mountains, Chile is blessed with a range of terroirs that produce some of the world’s favorite wines including the Don Melchor Cabernet Sauvignon and Santa Rita 120 Merlot. Each year, Chile continues to further establish itself as a top travel destination for wine connoisseurs looking for premium wines and elevated experiences in luxurious settings. In this article, not only do we give you professional insight into Chile’s best wine regions for wine connoisseurs, but we also share the best wineries to visit and the experiences they offer. Read on to find out which wine region is the most prestigious, where you can try the best whites, and how to find yourself indulging in wine and cheese as you stargaze with a professional telescope.

Maipo Valley: Chile’s Best Wine Region for Cabernet Sauvignon

Maipo Valley is the oldest and most vineyard-populated wine region in Chile, naturally giving it claim to many of the country’s most established wineries such as Concha y Toro, Santa Rita, and Undurraga. Coined ​​‘the Bordeaux of South America’, the Maipo Valley is perfectly poised to produce full-bodied wines like the cabernet sauvignon. No wonder over half the region’s 3000 hectares of vineyards produce it! 

Stretching 155 miles (250 km) south from the capital city of Santiago, Maipo Valley is idyllically located for both luxurious wine-tasting day trips and extended countryside breaks. After a day spent smacking your lips to the elegant taste of the Marques de Casa Concha collection at Concha y Toro, there will be plenty of time to be whisked back to the city for dinner and a show. However, the elegant villas and historic manor hotels (like Santa Rita’s Hotel Casa Real) which hide amongst the vines of high-end wine estates would tempt anyone to stay in Maipo Valley a while longer.

Best Chile Wineries in the Maipo Valley

Viña Undurraga

Sit under the shade of centuries-old trees with a cheese and wine picnic in the historic grounds of Viña Undurraga, one of Chile’s oldest established wineries. 

Viña Chocalan

Spend a whole day with fellow wine connoisseurs in the magic slice of Maipo Valley countryside owned by Viña Chocalan. The day begins with cheese and white wine followed by a tour of the cellars, tastings, and a barbeque buffet lunch. 

Concha y Toro

One of the most successful wineries in Chile, Concha y Toro, invites visitors to discover the devilish story behind the vineyard’s founding and admire its exceptional winery.


Casablanca Valley: Chile’s Best Wine Region for White Wine

Those more partial to a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc in the sunshine than Chile’s typical Cabernet Sauvignon will be in their element in the aptly named Casablanca (Whitehouse) Valley. Located halfway between Santiago de Chile and the artsy coastal city of Valparaiso, the sun-trapped valley benefits from a cool ocean breeze that lends perfectly to the production of fragrant and refined white wines like Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. 

Having only begun its wine production in the 1980s, Casablanca Valley is a relatively young wine region yet it has quickly affirmed its position as one of the best wine destinations in the country. This makes it a must-visit when traveling between Chile’s two most famous cities. Amongst its ever-surprising wineries, find edgy bodegas amongst prestigious wines, as well as premium hotels and dining experiences that have helped bring Chile’s wine tourism to a whole new level in recent years. 

horseback riders in colorful vineyard

Horseback riding in Casablanca Valley

Best Chile Wineries in the Casablanca Valley


Learn about the innovative production of biodynamic wine at the Matetic boutique winery which produces one of the best Syrahs in the country. Spend a day wine tasting or stay in its colonial boutique hotel complete with dinner at their own-grown restaurant.

Estancia El Cuadro

A ‘Best of Wine Tourism’ winner, Estancia El Cuadro offers one of Chile’s most exciting wine experiences: a fusion of wine, gastronomy, and astronomy known as the ‘Stellar Pairing’.

Casas del Bosque

Stay in Casablanca Valley’s most premium winery Casas del Bosque to get a delicious taste of fine Chilean wine and hospitality as you learn to cook with local flavors at their onsite restaurant Tanino.


Aconcagua Valley: Chile’s Best Wine Region for Scenery

Sitting at the foot of Aconcagua, South America’s tallest mountain at over 7,000 meters high, the Aconcagua Valley wine region boasts some of the most incredible scenery in Chile, as well as its highest vineyards. While those close to the coast produce fresh and airy whites, the vineyards climbing the mountains tempt the tastebuds with dark and fruity Cabernet Sauvignons and Merlots. 

Interestingly, the valley’s most successful winery, Errazuriz, has the highest terroir in the region located 1,600 meters above sea level. At this height, the views across the valley and Aconcagua Mountain foothills are extraordinary, especially with the winery’s most prestigious label the Don Maximiano Founder’s Reserve in hand. While Errazuriz has been established for over 150 years, the sumptuous Seña has stolen the show with an Icon-level wine since its establishment in 1995 – a must-try for any wine connoisseur. 

selection of cheese and bottle of red wine with Aconcagua Mountain in the background

Aconcagua Valley views, Chilean Wine Region

Best Chile Wineries in the Aconcagua Valley


Come and try Seña’s Icon-level wine, self-described as a ‘unique Bordeaux-style red blend with a very Chilean soul’, in the Mirador tasting room with views that capture the very Chilean soul they’re talking about.


Hark back to 19th century Chile on a historic tour of the Errazuriz winery and vineyards to learn all about how one of Chile’s most successful wines was established as you taste their premium blends. 


Curico Valley: Chile’s Best Wine Region for Adventure

If you’re a wine connoisseur looking for a valley with variety, the Curico Valley located 115 miles (185 km) south of Santiago is the place to go. Unlike most Chilean wine regions, it’s protected by the Pacific winds which, combined with its particularly fertile soils, make it ideal for growing everything from Pinot Noir to Malbec. After some quality time amongst the vines of Curico, expect to be an expert on viticulture and the variety of flavors it can create. This valley isn’t as established on the Chilean wine route as the Maipo or Colcagua valleys, but it’s home to its fair share of prestigious international and local wines.

Curico Valley may not be the most famous of Chile’s wine regions but it holds the country’s largest harvesting festival which takes place every March although fun and adventure can be found year-round. Nearby, the Seven Cups National Reserve awaits to show visitors its Patagonia-like beauty with hikes, kayaking, and even whitewater rafting trips around the waterfall-filled forests. 

Best Chile Wineries in the Curico Valley

Millaman Vineyard 

Wrap your lips around everything from Malbec and Zinfandel to Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon at Millaman Vineyard, a rustic colonial estate with the perfect blend of traditional and modern.

Viña Montes

As one of Chile’s most beloved wine brands, it will come as no surprise that Viña Montes’ winery promises a fantastic experience, especially when dining at its gourmet restaurant Fuegos del Apalta run by world-renowned chef Francis Mallman.


Colchagua Valley: Chile’s Best Wine Region for High-End Wines

The Colchagua Valley, located 80 miles (130 kilometers) south of Santiago in the Central Valley, is considered the Grand Cru of Chilean wine regions thanks to its line-up of prestigious wines including Clos Apalta, Santa Cruz, and Casa Silva. An idyllic Mediterranean climate with cool ocean breezes and hydrating meltwater from the Tinguiririca River is a particularly perfect recipe for delicious Cabernet Sauvignons and Carmeneres. 

Every exceptional wine region should have a diverse selection of wineries that can continuously surprise and engage its discerning visitors, and the Colchagua Valley doesn’t disappoint. While the traditional Viu Manent charms guests with its rustic colonial winery, Vik Vineyard will wow them with its state-of-the-art technology.

Premium wines are matched with premium experiences in the Colchagua Valley such as horseback riding, food and wine pairing, and a Chilean rodeo. At Viña Santa Cruz, visitors can ride the vineyard’s very own cable car to enjoy panoramic views of the valley before riding through the vineyard in their rustic carriage to sample the grapes before heading to the astronomical observatory for a romantic evening of star gazing with their best wine and cheese.

dusk image of Vik Hotel Chile

Titanium Roofed Vik Chile © Vik Chile

Best Chile Wineries in the Aconcagua Valley


For the best bedroom and pool views of a Chilean wine region, stay at Vik, the ultra-modern winery that blends science and art to make viticulture both stylish and scrumptious. As if superior wine wasn’t enough, its architecture is arguably the best of any Chile winery.

Clos Apalta

Get ready for an intimate gastronomic experience as you wine and dine at Clos Apalta Residence, the elegant home of the Clos Apalta family featuring a tasting room, pool, and elegant suites. 

Santa Cruz

Don’t leave Colchagua Valley without the Santa Cruz experience. Whether you visit for a premium wine day tour or stay for days of exciting and unique activities like star gazing, horse riding, and barbecuing, it will ensure this wine region becomes a firm favorite.

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