Roxana Vargas

Specialized Group Sales

I am originally from Miraflores in Lima, Peru. My continent is many things to many people and I love the opportunity to share ideas and thoughts about the best places to see and things to do here. I think I understand people from outside my country as I have traveled to the USA and also to Europe for many years. I spent 7 years living in Ireland with my husband Jason and that was a great experience. Now we are back here in Lima with our young daughter and I work to create the best experiences for people that want luxury Peru vacations but in the real Peru.

An example of this would be just 50 meters from our apartment. There is a wonderful street vendor selling amazing local food and each week we try seek out the latest cool places to eat and enjoy in Lima. As a family we regularly get to travel across this amazing continent and all we learn we give back to our great clients as a gift of the heart which is seen in our itineraries.

People all over the world are similar in my experience, they look for really exceptional accommodations but also genuinely try to seek authentic places to live the culture of new places. If that is luxury vacations in Peru, Argentina, the Galapagos, Brazil or Chile we can truly say we provide honest and impartial advice on the best possible places and people to see.

I hope together we can create stories to enrich your life.

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