Luxury Peru Travel Expert

Paul Jones

Founder & CEO

Originally from Bristol in the United Kingdom, I first arrived in South America in 2007. At the time Latin America was a relatively unknown destination to me. The sense of adventure and uncertainty was enticing to me as much as it made me apprehensive. With a limited Spanish vocabulary but a healthy desire to explore, I knew needed to improve my language skills. I chose Cusco in Peru as my base to learn Spanish, and although my initial plan was to only spend 2 months there, it ended up being my permanent home for the following 11 years. Nowadays, I speak pretty good Spanish and can even throw in a few words in Quechua. Married to a local Peruvian with a young family, I can certainly say that my life has changed significantly since I left the UK. The warmth of the people, the family unity, the customs, cultures and vibrance of life in Peru feed your soul. Everyday is an adventure in Latin America, you never know quite what to expect, but for sure it makes you feel alive!

Having traveled extensively throughout Latin America with my work, I have been fortunate enough to experiences the best of what the continent has to offer. From the plentiful natural wonders, to the cosmopolitan cities, to the archaeological gems there is so much to see and do. It is difficult for me to choose a favorite, but I certainly have lots of fond memories of many places I have been and people I have met. I guess for a city stop, then the urban sophistication of Buenos Aires would be my first choice. For natural beauty and scenery, I think it is difficult to beat Torres del Paine National Park in Argentina/Chile. For archaeological attractions then it must be the lost Inca Citadel of Machu Picchu.

About a decade ago I started Totally Latin America (TLA) to create exceptional hand-crafted vacations to Latin America. Although TLA has a diverse program of trips, our mission is to focus is on providing exceptional unique travel experiences. Experiences that allow our clients to feed their inner-spirit and achieve their own travel ambitions. I want to connect our clients to Latin America in a way which is educational yet exciting, allowing our clients to enrich their lives by bringing them closer to distant places and people. Not only do I want to provide exceptional vacations, I really want to offer more than just that, and allow people to find that magical moment in Latin America that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Allow me and my dedicated team at Totally Latin America help you realize your travel dreams. Contact Us today, and start your journey to Latin America.

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