Jason Kearney

Sales & Marketing Manager

Growing up in Ireland I remember at nine years of age sitting down and planning a trip for my mother and father along the west coast of the country. I loved geography and knew all the capitals of the world, so I guess I was born with some travel genes and curiosity. I think curiosity is a big element of people that love to venture out beyond the unfamiliar. I worked for the family transport business for many years and had opportunity to travel across Europe. The addiction to travel led me to the shores of Peru.

In 2002 I first visited Peru to see Ausangate the famous Inca Apu (Holy Mountain) south of Cusco Peru and was captivated. The landscapes attracted me first and then I followed my second attraction as often happens and married my Peruvian wife. We now are blessed with a young daughter living here in Lima and so for sure this will be my future home. Children utterly change your life and I am learning all about that too.

I have always been somewhat of a workaholic too but the good thing about now is that I get to combine a computer with a pair of hiking boots so there is a balance. In my free time I love to venture out across any part of the continent of Latin America, especially with my family. My favourite places so far have been Peru, Argentina and the Galapagos. When not traveling I like to read (often philosophy books!), do some photography, watch documentaries and meet up with friends. Lima has an amazing array of great local restaurants and bars for a Peruvian ceviche lunch and maybe even a Guinness, an Irishman at home in Lima!

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