The region of El Chaltén in Patagonia Argentina is a trekking and adventure Eden. It is aside the UNESCO Los Glaciares (Glaciers) National Park and situated some 3 ½ hours north of the regional airport of El Calafate. The pioneering forays of Andreas Madsen in these lands of Patagonia in the first decades of the 20th century are captivating and truly epic. His steadfastness in managing to eke out an existence in these desolate lands with his family is incredible. The natural beauty of the vistas of the towering peaks of Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre, and proximity to the crystalline Rio de Las Vueltas were the magnetism that caused him to never return to his native Denmark.

Fitzroy Massif Panoramic View

Chalten Camp – Mt. Fitzroy

Chaltén Camp

These were the same captivations that inspired our friend Nicolas Di Costanzo to create the ultimate glamping experience a century later at Chaltén Camp. The site is within a short walk of Madsen’s original house and has the same majestic views across the Fitz Roy Massif, nestled along the riverbanks. It just had to be here! Chaltén Camp consists of four geodesic domes which comprise three accommodations and a main dome for dining.  From initiation these accommodations exuded the concept of small numbers. By design, they ensure individual attention and privacy as expected. The dome tents are luxurious, but Nicolas advises to never lose sight that the aim is to set forth into nature, maximise your immersion with the untold beauty on your doorstep. Be your own pioneer in pristine landscapes akin to those beholden to Madsen over 100 years ago.

Close up picture of Woodpecker in El Chalten

Chalten Camp – Woodpecker

Chaltén Camp never seeks to be a Ritz Carlton but comfort is a byword with individual stoves, private eco- friendly bathrooms and genuinely caring attention from staff. Rates include breakfast, boxed lunch and dinner with Patagonian regional foods. Children are very welcome from the age of six. There is access to charge via USB in your accommodation, but internet is limited even in El Chaltén. This destination is about getting lost to find yourself, so temper the desires of technology. You will be rewarded by mother nature.

Main Dome tent at El Chalten Glamping

Chalten Camp – Main Dome

Excursions El Chaltén & Los Glaciares National Park

The fun begins here and let us divide them between local activities at Chaltén Camp, and those of the nearby Los Glaciares National Park.

Doorstep Activities

Mountain biking on bamboo mountain bikes can be a great option both guided or self-guided with many local trails of 4 – 5 kms as required. Birdwatching is another favourite to seek the woodpeckers, Andean Condor, Buzzard Eagle, Austral Parakeet and very many more in pristine natural surroundings. In addition, a local half day hike along the Rio de Las Vueltas can be great option for walks at an easy pace and yet off the beaten track.

Panoramic view of Mt Fitzroywith Mountain Bike

Chalten Camp – Biking

Los Glaciares National Park

Many options here but we highlight two full day treks or a day fishing. Other half day excursions are possible. Speak to your expert travel adviser on all options by clicking here.

Laguna Torres (Duration: 8/9 hrs. Level: Medium)

This trail enters the valley of the Fitz Roy River and follows up alongside the stream to its source. Halfway through the path we reach Mirador del Torre, a natural viewpoint with magnificent panoramic views of the Adela Mountains and Cerro Torre. Across De Agostini Camp to Maestri viewpoint. This lagoon often holds icebergs on its shore which have fallen off from the front face of the glacier above. One of the best treks in Los Glaciares Park.

Person hiking near Mt. Fizroy

Chalten Camp – Hiking near Mt. Fitzroy

Laguna Los Tres (Duration: 9-10 hrs. Level: Medium +)

In the village we head to Avenida San Martín and head upward to the sky on a steep pathway. The path follows toward Laguna Madre y Hija, destination Poincenot Base Camp. From here, hik upward for some 1300+ feet (400+ metres) to Laguna de los Tres. You are rewarded with magnificent view of the granite wall of Mount Fitz Roy and the surrounding peaks. On the descent you can also view the desolate Laguna Sucia and its hanging glaciers. A tougher trek than Laguna Torres but also you receive just rewards.

Full Day Patagonia Fishing (10 hrs. 6 – 8 hrs Fishing)

For beginners or experienced anglers this day of fishing day in El Chaltén is a great option. The day prior to your trip your guide will meet and ensure you are well equipped for the day out and answer any questions you may have. Trout is a popular species and, in season, you can also try land a Chinook Salmon. Some can reach weights of 55 lbs. (25 kg). Your guide is an expert local fisherman and Rio de Las Vueltas and Lago Desierto are prime grounds for a magical day on the waters.

Medow overlloking Mt. Fitzroy

Chalten Camp – Meadow Chalten Fitzroy

Full Day Kayaking (Duration 6 hrs. 3 hrs. on River)

This kayaking option can be a great experience for those that prefer a less arduous day. Exploring Laguna Condor and Rio de Las Vueltas it is suitable for anyone in reasonable fitness. The time kayaking is about three hours and includes a visit to the Lenga Beech forest and a delicious lakeside lunch en route. This trip finishes right beside your camp as you come kayaking home in the mid- afternoon!

Best Time to Visit Chaltén Camp

October to April are the best months to arive. Nature lovers often choose the dawn of spring in October. Photographers love March and April with the colours of Fall (Autumn). The warmest months are January and February but are also the busiest on trails. Weather-wise the region is changeable, and you really can get four seasons in one day. That being said, isn’t that what life is about? Come prepared, get out and live life to the maximum.

Fitzroy Massif Panoramic View

Chalten Camp – Mt. Fitzroy

Our Key Points of Love for the Chaltén Camp Glamping Experience:

  • Nicolas genuinely cares that visitors have an exemplary time here, it is his passion, that’s worth gold in any travel experience
  • You are in the boots and mindset of Andreas Madsen at every turn
  • Tranquillity of just you and the mountains; yet you are not isolated
  • The aesthetic concepts of living here are in harmony. It is authentic and you feel at ease
  • Flexibility to do as much or as little as you please
  • Wi-Fi comes a distant second to all that you do here
  • Waking in your bed to a Fitz Roy panorama, nothing prepares you!
Black and White photo of Madsen House El CHalten

Chalten Camp – Madsen House

Design Your Tour for Chaltén Camp

You can speak to an expert travel adviser at Totally Latin America by clicking here. Also feel free to browse a sample itinerary by Glamping in Patagonia, that includes El Chalt’en Camp.

“To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wildflower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.” (William Blake)

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