Latin America is such a remarkable travel destination that it deserves to be done right. That means finding the most unmissable places to visit, the most enriching tours and accommodations, and the most efficient transport. 

Creating such a trip is like a fine art, especially in a place as vast and varied as Latin America. After all, it’s not a simple beach destination; it’s a part of the world that entices people with the promise of grand and astounding adventure.

Since the quality of accommodation, tours, and transport can vary massively in Latin America, the benefits of utilizing the insight of expert luxury travel providers are significant. The destinations themselves are important but they’re only enjoyable if the details of the trip are taken care of too. 

By opting for a luxury tailor-made vacation in Latin America, you’ll be assured of having the elevated experience you deserve without the stress of planning. Every detail of the trip is meticulously and thoughtfully planned for you around your particular preferences to create a deep, enriching, and personally meaningful journey in Latin America. 

What does TLA’s bespoke service include?

Destination knowledge and advice

Totally Latin America’s tailor-made vacations are executed and delivered with a highly bespoke service that focuses on luxury from the get-go. On initial inquiry, we can provide you with in-depth knowledge about the destinations you want to visit from the best things to do to the best places to eat and stay. You can also consult with us and ask for advice about the best way to fit your ideal Latin America stops into one incredible itinerary.

Highly detailed itineraries

When clients choose to book their vacation with Totally Latin America, we then create a highly detailed itinerary based on their individual criteria which can include everything from budget to accommodation type. Once the itinerary is created, clients have the opportunity to review it and ask for as many amendments as they like until they’re completely satisfied with it.

Concise pre-travel documentation

After the itinerary is finalized, our clients get a full copy to keep and refer to throughout their trip. Not only does it include the arrival and departure schedule for each destination during the trip, but it also includes hotel information, tour information, and transport information.

General travel advice

Clients also get a general travel advice booklet for each country they plan to visit which includes important information on currency, money exchange, and mobile data as well as advice on what to bring, how much to tip, and how to stay safe. This makes the transition of arriving in a new and unfamiliar country much easier.

24/7 support during the trip

Totally Latin America actively supports their clients from initial contact to the end of their trip. This means clients have 24-hour access to our in-country assistance if our help advice is needed during their vacation. It’s important for us to know our clients feel comfortable and confident during their trip so that it can be enjoyed to the full.

What Can I Customize on my Tailored Itinerary?

When booking a bespoke tailor-made vacation with Totally Latin America, everything from the destinations to the dinner menus is customizable. We know that everyone’s travel style, accommodation preferences, dietary requirements, and destination interests are different. By taking each of these preferences into account, we can design a vacation that suits you and your travel companions down to a T.

To help our clients decide what destinations to visit and consider how to put them into an itinerary, we like to offer some inspiration. Our website Travelogue is full of suggested destinations and itineraries that can act as a template and help clients to create their own based on what they like and don’t like about the sample itinerary. Here’s an overview of some of our favorite sample itineraries that we have thoughtfully created if you’re looking for inspiration for your next bespoke trip. 

The Ultimate 3-Week Brazil, Argentina, and Chile Tour

From cool capitals to paradise beaches and mountainous lakes, this Brazil, Argentina, and Chile Tour shows off South America’s extraordinary diversity like never before.

Get inspired as we take you along on the ultimate 3-week luxury Brazil, Argentina, and Chile tour, stopping in Rio de Janeiro, Florianopolis, Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Santiago de Chile, and Patagonia. Along the way, expect to find the continent’s best beaches, wineries, landscapes, cities, and even a few wonders of the World

The Perfect Northern Peru Itinerary

On this Northern Peru itinerary, you could step foot in the tombs of ancient Sipan lords, admire the architecture of a ruined adobe city, and enquire about the symbology of Moche art. Meanwhile, the Tambopata National Reserve awaits to share the Amazon’s secret natural world with you. Should your curiosity lean towards indulging in a luxury Peru tour, you’re invited to discover the selection of adventures that Totally Latin America has available. Whether you are intrigued by the country’s history, art, culture, or the natural world, there are many excursions you’ll want to add to your Northern Peru Itinerary. 

Choosing the Best Galapagos Cruise Itinerary

Royal Galapagos © Cormorant ll

There are several routes a Galapagos luxury cruise can take, but they generally focus on either the east or west of the archipelago rather than darting from end to end. Therefore, you usually have to decide which area ticks off the most boxes for you in terms of what species you want to see and what experiences you would most like to have. Honestly, however, it has to be said that whichever part of the Galapagos you choose to sail around, you will get a well-rounded experience of the archipelago and all it has to offer. 

The Ultimate Argentina 14-day itinerary

Home to vibrant cities, majestic mountainscapes, vast countryside, and thick jungle, Argentina is one of the world’s most diverse travel destinations. The choice of extraordinary sights to see and experiences to have can become overwhelming when you’re planning your ideal Argentine trip. After years of experience planning unforgettable vacations with the most luxurious accommodations and unique excursions, we believe this itinerary provides you with the very best that Argentina has to offer.

For more Latin America travel itinerary inspiration, check out our Travelogue.

What’s the benefit of booking with our bespoke travel agency?

In-depth knowledge and specialist insight into LA regions/ local expertise

Being from and based in Latin America, TLA’s team has a lot of advantages as a travel agency. We are innately familiar with Latin American culture which allows us to be the bridge our clients need when planning to visit a new country and navigating it. Being proficient in both English and Spanish, we also have the means to provide a clear communication channel between our clients and providers. Plus, we have in-depth knowledge and specialist insight about our Latin America destinations that can’t be learned.

Connections with the best tour operators 

TLA believes the quality of the tours we book for our guests makes all the difference to their luxury trip. That’s why we hand-pick the best tour operators to work with throughout Latin America whether it’s a simple city tour or a multi-day Amazon adventure. To us, the mark of a great tour operator is in their knowledge and attention. Not only do we make sure the tour guides we use are the most knowledgeable in their field but we also ensure they’re passionate about sharing this knowledge with their guests. What’s more, we prioritize luxury tours that offer a personalized touch and opportunities their competitors don’t offer. So, rather than a simple wine-tasting tour in Mendoza, how about a vineyard-hopping tour in your own vintage car?

First-to-know about new hotels, discoveries, and more

TLA’s connections in Latin American travel and tourism allow us to be the first to know about the best new and upcoming hotels, tours, restaurants, and even new exciting things to see and do. To get our clients the best prices and services, we forge trusted connections with both new and well-established providers and we pride ourselves on everything we offer being nothing short of exceptional.

How to book your own luxury tailor-made holiday in Latin America

If you are considering visiting Latin America, speak to TLA and allow us to weave together an idyllic itinerary that allows you to experience your most dreamed-about destinations to the fullest. No matter what stage of the planning process you’re at, we can assist you in whichever way you need. See how we can help create your ultimate Latin America vacation today by messaging us here or calling +1 855 217 9045.