From history to culture, there are many spectacular aspects of South America to explore but nothing quite compares to the discovery of its natural world. The continent is home to an abundance of plants, animals, and ecosystems that can’t be found anywhere else on Earth. For centuries, these natural environments went unexplored but now there are luxury tours available that can take you from the depths of the Amazon jungle to shallows of a shark-infested bay in the Galapagos. Not only do these tours allow you to travel off the beaten path but they allow you to do it in unwavering comfort and style. But where will these tours take you and what will you discover?  Explore our luxury Galapagos and Amazon tours and see what we have to offer.

South America’s biodiversity

Galapagos and Amazon Tour

There are few places on Earth left unspoiled by man where nature can thrive and flourish — and the majority are in South America. Between the vast spectrum of wildlife of the Amazon Jungle and the rarity of endemic wildlife in the Galapagos, there are many opportunities to see nature at its most mesmerizing and immerse in it like never before. Find yourself swimming with turtles off volcanic islands, kayaking through mangroves as monkeys swing above, and spotting birds that most humans never get the chance to see. In a world where people have become so disconnected from nature, these experiences can give us a whole new understanding and rekindle our connection to our planet.

Combine Galapagos and Amazon tours for the best of South America’s biodiversity

Experience the unparalleled joys of our nature’s biodiversity on a once-in-a-lifetime trip that combines Galapagos and Amazon tours. By doing so, you’ll get the ultimate insight into our planet’s incredible wildlife. No two places better represent or present the capabilities of our natural world. The Galapagos shows us how nature can grow from the ashes of a volcano, and adapt and develop when left undisturbed for millions of years. Meanwhile, the Amazon shows us the equal amounts of power and fragility that nature holds in a giant ecosystem that is so intricately interwoven from the ants to the ocelots. 

After completing a combined Galapagos and Amazon tour, you’ll have an understanding of and appreciation for the planet you call home that you never knew possible. We cannot begin to comprehend the complexity of life until we have observed it in its wild and natural habitat. 

The luxury of Galapagos and Amazon tour cruises

Galapagos and Amazon Tour

Elevate Galapagos and Amazon tours with an element of luxury by choosing to explore them on some of the most exclusive and sought-after vessels at sea. There are several beautiful high-end yachts and riverboats to cruise you around the Galapagos and Amazon in style featuring private balconies, jacuzzi sundecks, and ample space to lounge and dine. While some sleep only 16 passengers, others can be privately hired for groups and families. The most luxurious cruises of these regions carry state-of-the-art equipment for expert exploration. 

Best of all, they come complete with expert guides that are deeply knowledgeable about the ecosystems of their local regions. Not only does this knowledge include a scientific background for the behavior of local wildlife and ecosystems, but it also includes a specialized understanding of how best to approach and interact with these ecosystems. With access to such expertise on a small-group basis, as promised by luxury Galapagos and Amazon cruises, you’ll benefit from a more enriching experience and a greater appreciation of the natural wonders you’ll witness.

What you’ll see on a Galapagos tour

Galapagos and Amazon Tour

On a Galapagos tour, there will be daily land and water-based excursions that allow you to immerse in the region’s unique ecosystem. These include snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, and dinghy rides through and around the volcanic archipelago of islands. Between these exciting activities, you’ll get to see all of the region’s most prized endemic species as well as lesser-known ones like Galapagos penguins, land iguanas, fur seals, tortoise, and the unmistakable blue and red-footed boobies.

Galapagos cruise experiences:

  • Snorkeling at multiple bays and reefs to see the archipelago’s unusual marine life including marine iguanas, greenback turtles, and Galapagos penguins
  • Hiking around (and even up to) volcanos to observe the unique plants that have sprung from its ashes and the animals that call it home
  • Visit the Charles Darwin Research Station to learn more about the evolution and conservation of the region’s wildlife
  • Spend time in the Galapagos’ port towns and get a taste for life in such a unique and precious environment
  • Visit a tortoise breeding center to get a first-hand insight into the way endangered animals are conserved in the Galapagos
  • Hike to epic viewpoints to see some of the region’s coolest landmarks from their best angle

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What you’ll see on an Amazon tour

Galapagos and Amazon Tour

Like a Galapagos tour, an Amazon River cruise will offer a diverse range of daily water and land-based excursions that allow you to experience the jungle’s biodiversity to the fullest. These include kayaking, birdwatching, wildlife spotting, and piranha fishing to name a few. The cruise’s naturalist guides also host seminars that delve deeper into the Amazon’s natural science and history while you’re sailing through it. Whichever luxury cruise you choose, you’ll be able to see many of the mysterious plants and animals the wild region is so famous for. While it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll spot macaws, monkeys, sloths, piranhas, caiman, spiders, and snakes during the tour, there’s also a chance you’ll get a glimpse of the region’s shyer species too.

Amazon cruise highlights:

  • Go piranha fishing in kayaks as you glide along the rivers and into the mangroves and forests 
  • Go by skiff to calm and cool fresh water natural pools to bathe and relax to the local birdsong
  • Take an eco-friendly launch boat to go wildlife spotting along the Amazon’s abundant riverbanks and get sightings of monkeys, sloths, and many kinds of bird
  • Meet and greet with a local Amazon tribe that introduces you to their culture, customs, and way of life
  • By day and night, embark on wildlife treks through the jungle to discover even its shyest inhabitants

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What you’ll learn on Galapagos and Amazon tours

By embarking on combined Galapagos and Amazon tours, you’ll get an unparalleled insight into the beauty and power of our natural world. The sheer diversity of wildlife found in these regions exemplifies how life can flourish without human impact. It’s a privilege to witness sightings of rare wildlife living in their natural habitats and there is so much to learn from it, especially when accompanied by a professional naturalist guide. They will teach you so much about the local ecosystems from the habits of individual animals to their importance in the food chain. 

What’s more, the guides have expert inside knowledge to share on the environmental threats and conservation efforts that are so important to the Galapagos and Amazon. As both regions are very fragile, there’s something very rewarding about getting first-hand insight into the protection of our planet’s most precious natural environments.

How easy is it to combine Galapagos and Amazon tours?

With fixed cruise itineraries and multiple flights involved, combining Galapagos and Amazon tours is admittedly not easy without assistance. As two of our favorite places to travel in South America, TLA have the expertise to create simple and seamless itineraries that combine both destinations perfectly. Specializing in tailor-made vacations, we take time, budget, must-sees, and itinerary preferences into account to make sure it ticks every box

Add stops between the Galapagos and Amazon tours

Our best advice on combining Galapagos and Amazon tours is to include short-hop city stops in between. Since travelers are required to stop in Quito to reach the Galapagos and in Lima to reach the Amazon anyway, it’s worth taking the opportunity to stop and explore. By doing so, it provides a greater opportunity to sync the Galapagos and Amazon tour itineraries and have a smoother overall travel experience.

How TLA can tailor your Galapagos and Amazon tours

If you would like to look into a combined Galapagos and Amazon tour, get in touch with TLA to see how we can create the perfect itinerary for you. Totally Latin America offer expert knowledge, superb rates and select access to the very best luxury Galapagos and Amazon cruises. Contact Us Today to begin your very own voyage of a lifetime.