Brazil can be visited any time of the year, but the best time to travel to Brazil depends on where you go. Summer is December to March and Winter is June to September, with temperatures and humidity increasing the further north you travel. Brazilians take their annual holidays from January to March. Beach destinations around Rio de Janeiro overflow with sun-loving vacationers and popular attractions like Iguazu Falls and Brazil’s former colonial capital Salvador also see a significant increase in national tourists. September – October is perhaps the best time to travel to Brazil, with cool spring temperatures, little rain, and less national and international vacationers. Discover our luxury Brazil tours that we have on offer to help narrow down your decision.

Brazil from December to March

Best Time to Visit Brazil

High season in Brazil, with many Brazilians taking their annual vacations during these months. Temperatures are warmer but expect rain as these are also the wettest months of the year. Rain tends to fall in intense bursts for short periods, but on the other hand, there might be no rain for 3 days straight. Rio carnival takes place annually at the end of February or start of March (in accordance with the start of lent). Accommodation prices reach their peak in the weeks surrounding the festivities. Iguazu Falls is a magical spectacle with high volumes of water from the wet season accumulating and cascading over the falls.

Brazil from April to July

Temperatures start to drop as the transition of autumn takes hold. April and May is a good time to explore Iguazu Falls, with the exception of Easter – which is the busiest time of the year. Lower temperatures, reduced humidity and less tourists make a visit more pleasurable. Rio’s weather is more moderate with daytime temperatures averaging 25°C / 75°F and 16°C / 60°F at night. Summertime vacationers have left, and visitor levels at popular city attractions like Sugar Loaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer reduce.

Brazil from August to November

Best Time to Visit Brazil

This is the best time to travel to Brazil’s Amazon Jungle. Dry season months bring less rainfall and more tolerable levels of humidity. Groundwater recedes allowing better exploration by foot and easier disembarkation from riverboats. Pantanal has good accessibility and little rainfall. Animals gather at oxbow lakes and rivers as water levels dimmish, especially in late September – October.