From the largest waterfall on Earth at the top of the country to the world’s southernmost city at the bottom, Argentina is possibly the most adventure-filled destination in South America. One minute you can be herding cattle with gauchos on an Argentinian ranch and the next you can be climbing across a glacier, whitewater rafting down a raging river, or boarding a train to the end of the world. The adventures in Argentina are diverse and sometimes extreme, but best of all, they are once-in-a-lifetime experiences

There are so many exciting experiences to choose from when booking your trip, but we have painstakingly narrowed down the top seven to help you find your slice of adventure in Argentina. While some of the adventures involve physical activity like hiking and skiing, others don’t require any physical exertion at all, giving all ages and abilities the chance to find an adventure that fits them. Which adventure in Argentina sounds most exciting to you? Read on to find out.

Fly Above the Iguazu Falls by Helicopter

Adventure in Argentina

Location: Iguazu, Northeastern Argentina

The Iguazu Falls, located in the Atlantic Forest on the border of Argentina and Brazil, has been honored as one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World — and for a good reason. Measuring 1.7 miles (2.7 km) in length, 80 meters (250 ft) in height, and featuring over 275 individual falls, it is the world’s largest and most magnificent waterfall. There are several viewing platforms on both the Argentinian and Brazilian sides that allow you to admire its beauty from different angles (and get sprayed by its mist). However, the best way to admire Iguazu Falls in its full glory is from the air.

Fly above the thundering Iguazu Falls in a private helicopter to get a unique birds-eye-view of this true natural wonder. No doubt, you’ll be gawping in awe at its incredible scale and magnificence. Afterward, swap the sky for the water and join a kayak tour to paddle along the Iguazu River for a close-up encounter with the falls. With many more adrenaline-pumping activities available at Iguazu, it’s one of the best places for adventure in Argentina. Balance your active outdoor adventures with luxury and relaxation at Loi Suites Iguazu hotel and spa, a blissful slice of paradise hidden amongst the Atlantic Forest.

Ride Across the Sierras de Cordoba on Horseback

Adventure in Argentina

Location: Cordoba, Central Argentina

Dust off your cowboy boots and saddle up for a horseback ride across the seductive Cordoba sierras, just like an Argentinian gaucho. Gauchos were nomadic horsemen that roamed Central Argentina and Patagonia between the 18th and 20th centuries that have become a beloved part of Argentine history and culture. Many traditional estancias (cattle and horse ranches) across Argentina invite guests to relive this legendary Argentine tradition and experience the unbeatable sense of freedom felt by gauchos as they galloped into the horizon.

Voted one of ‘The Most Inspiring Horserides Around the World’, Estancia Los Potreros is the perfect place to have this adventure in Argentina. Their handsome horses lead you from hidden valleys to tumbling waterfalls, wooded paths, and swimming holes, allowing you to be at one with the wild landscapes of Cordoba. Guests can also assist the estancia’s modern-day gauchos with daily ranch activities, and take part in traditional gaucho games to show off their horseriding skills.

Trek Across the Perito Moreno Glacier

Adventure in Argentina

Location: El Calafate, Patagonia, Argentina

Become mesmerized by nature’s talent as you walk on top of one of South America’s biggest glaciers and witness its extraordinary ice formations. Los Glaciares National Park is named in honor of its abundance of glaciers that are continuously calving between its mountain peaks, and Perito Moreno is one of the few humans have the privilege of walking over. After weaving around icebergs as big as your house on a boat safari to reach the glacier, you’ll strap on your crampons and set off across it. 

As you walk among the giant peaks, valleys, crevices, and plains, the glacier reveals its true scale and you’ll start to feel like an ant on a molehill. As adventures in Argentina go, this is one of the most humbling. However, there are many more to be had in this heart-pumping part of Patagonia. Use EOLO Spirit, an exclusive estancia near El Calafate (the heart of Argentine Patagonia) as your base. Unwind in its lounges, restaurant, and suites which offer panoramic Patagonian views, or allow them to arrange more adventurous Patagonian activities like 4×4 overlanding, trekking, zip-lining, and kayaking.

Explore the Neighborhoods of Buenos Aires

Adventure in Argentina

Location: Buenos Aires, East Coast, Argentina

When the neighborhoods of a city like Buenos Aires each have such a bold and unique personality, exploring them is an adventure in itself. To tour the neighborhoods in geographical order, start your Buenos Aires adventure in La Boca, famed for its 19th-century rainbow-colored shacks on El Caminito. They were originally used by working-class Genoese port workers but now they’re populated with soulful tango bars and shops. Next, stop in San Telmo to browse its antique market and join the locals for some tangoing in the square before admiring the Casa Rosada and other major architectural landmarks in the Microcenter. 

Next, wander around Retiro and Recoleta to admire the Parisianesque mansions and indulge in some retail therapy before heading to Palermo, the city’s hipster hub to admire its incredible street murals and drink in its eclectic cafes. While your days will be packed with sightseeing, ensure you’re relaxed to the max in the evenings with a stay at the Alvear Palace, the city’s most historic prestigious hotel.

Hike to the Top of Mount Fitz Roy

Adventure in Argentina

Location: El Chalten, Patagonia, Argentina

Los Glaciares National Park is home to some of the tallest and most handsome mountains to climb in Patagonia, making it an excellent place for adventure in Argentina. The Laguna Los Tres (a medium-difficult 8-10 hour) hike to the top of Mount Fitz Roy promises a thrilling Patagonian experience. However, there are a number of multi-day routes passing Mount Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre, and the Los Huemules Reserve that provide a greater sense of freedom, solitude, and adventure for those with greater endurance. 

While days spent camping amongst the mountains can feed your soul with a refreshing zest for life, sometimes nothing beats waking up to mountain views from a warm bed. Patagonia Eco Dome is a luxury glamping mountain retreat featuring a dozen private domes complete with their own fireplace and a communal dome where you can swap adventure stories over hearty chef-cooked meals with fellow guests. Whether you’re embarking on a multi-day hike, or opting for single-day activities like mountaineering and ice-trekking, it’s the perfect immersive base.

Try Snow and Water Sports in the Lake District

Adventure in Argentina

Location: Nahuel Huapi, Western Argentina

Put tall snow-capped mountains beside vast coniferous forests and a chain of sapphire blue lakes and you have a playground for adventurous outdoor sports. Nahuel Huapi, otherwise known as the Lake District, is an alpine-style region that invites sports enthusiasts year-round for their fill of adventure in Argentina. From late spring through summer to early fall, the region is abuzz with people hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, zip-lining, swimming, scuba diving, and the most adrenaline-fueled activity of all: white water rafting.

When snow falls in Nahuel Huapi, the district transforms into a dreamy snow sports destination. Using Bariloche, a quaint lakeside town of Nahuel Huapi as your base, you can take the cable car up to Cerro Catedral where you can ski or board down the slopes with breathtaking views of the Lake District below. Balance days of outdoor adventures with days spent at leisure at the secluded Llao Llao golf resort and spa. Between its golf course, marina, beach, heated infinity pool, spa and health club, the resort allows you to completely relax.

Reach the City at the End of the World

Adventure in Argentina

Location: Ushuaia, Patagonia, Southern Argentina

What could be more adventurous than traveling to the end of the world? Argentina extends further towards Antarctica than any other country and there’s a city at its southern tip that offers great triumph to any traveler that reaches it. It’s formally named Ushuaia, but it’s more affectionately known as the City at the End of the World. While reaching Ushuaia is an adventure in itself, the adventure doesn’t stop when you reach it. The port city is the base of Tierra del Fuego National Park, which is characterized by its jagged mountains, forests, tundra, and unique flora and fauna.

There are plenty of adventurous hiking trails around Tierra del Fuego that show you some of Patagonia’s most special scenes of nature. However, the best adventure in Argentina’s southernmost city are had by public transport, believe it or not! Hop on a private boat tour of the region’s coast in search of sea lions, albatross, and nature’s most regal bird, the emperor penguin. Afterward, board the vintage cars on the End of the World Train to enjoy South America’s most scenic train ride through the mountains. Return to Arakur Ushuaia, the city’s most luxurious hotel to toast the end of your Argentine adventures over an asado dinner.

Create Your Own Adventurous Argentina Vacation

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