We believe that looking after our planet is important. We also believe that greater travel is fundamental to our understanding of our planet and the people that live upon it. However we are also aware that travel has negative environmental consequences like the accumulation of waste like single use plastics, the degradation to historical sites and increased pollution. Therefore, at TLA Travel we have taken the decision to implement some new initiatives to help reduce the impact of travel by our clients. The first is our commitment to help our clients offset their carbon footprint whist traveling.

Our clients will now automatically offset their carbon footprint while traveling in South America, as we purchase carbon bonds on their behalf that will help preserve national parks located in the Amazon rainforest, cleverly known as the “lung of the planet”.

A recent study revealed that an average tourist produced 0.7 tons of CO2 on a trip to Peru. Each carbon bond worth US$ 10 each will go to support sustainable tourism activities in Peru’s Tambopata Amazon Rainforest Region. Together with AIDER NGO, we can help educate local communities on preserving the jungle and help reduce your carbon footprint.

Our Pledge

For every client that travels with Latin America we will purchase US$ 10 in carbon bonds to help you offset your carbon footprint. Each carbon bond represents an offset of 1 ton of CO2.

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