As one of Latin America’s top travel destinations, Peru welcomes even the most discerning travelers with an enormous wealth of luxury experiences. In this article, our travel experts have painstakingly narrowed down our top five favourite luxury Peru experiences for 2024 to ensure those looking for the best of the best get the best of the best. These include some of our firm favourite experiences, as well as places to stay, and food to eat. Think world-class train rides, elegant Amazon exploration, Sacred Valley relaxation, indigenous-inspired world-class food, and hiking with a personal chef.

Belmond Hiram Bingham Train to Machu Picchu

There was no doubt Belmond’s Hiram Bingham train to Machu Picchu was going to be added to our list of Peru’s top five luxury experiences for 2024. After all, it’s one of the most luxurious and exclusive train journeys in the world. Everything from the Pullman-style carriages to the white-glove service is thoughtfully designed and curated to provide an unforgettably lavish experience. 

Stepping onto the 1920s-themed train in Cusco, find yourself surrounded by regal wood-paneled walls, golden soft furnishings, and bold brass finishes which immediately set the tone for a travel day full of splendour. Onboard, there are two dining cars where guests are seated for a three-course gourmet brunch consisting of a light entre, main course, and dessert, all of which are accompanied by a choice of complimentary sparkling Peruvian wines. 

From the dining car, move onto the bar car where expert mixologists await to mix your favourite drink. Meanwhile, the merry sounds of live Andean music fill the car with a joyful energy that builds excitement and anticipation for the arrival to Machu Picchu, one of the world’s most coveted travel destinations. Alternatively, you can take your drink to the observation car where you will become mesmerized by the lush mountainous forests that lead to the ancient Inca citadel. 

If there weren’t something as exciting as Machu Picchu waiting at the end of the line, it would be hard to leave the Hiram Bingham behind but in this rare case, arriving at the citadel only adds to the beauty of this luxury experience. But for those who didn’t quite get enough of the Hiram Bingham on the way there, there’s always the return journey to look forward to.

Hiram Bingham Bar Car

Aqua Nera Luxury Amazon River Cruise

Although the Amazon isn’t typically known for its luxury resorts and refined experiences, Aqua Nera is changing that. This state-of-the-art luxury river cruise ship includes only 20 suites, giving guests a much greater sense of space and comfort in the suites and shared spaces than most Amazon cruises. 

Among the riverboat’s shared spaces are a lobby lounge, bar lounge, outdoor dining and lounge area, and an outdoor pool. Each space is the epitome of style and taste with luxurious modern interiors inspired by elements of the Amazon. Between each of the lounge, dining, and bar areas onboard the Aqua Nera, guests have an excellent choice of spaces to relax, mingle with other guests, and indulge in delicious Amazonian-inspired cuisine from world-class chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino. 

But if that wasn’t enough, the riverboat also features an onboard gym with everything from weights to treadmills, a games room with a pool table, and a spa that offers sumptuous treatments infused with natural healing elements found in the Amazon. There is also a beautiful private screening room where guests can watch classic films about the Amazon or gather for a private lecture from Aqua Nera’s very own expert naturalist guide.

Aqua Nera’s luxury cruise is only enhanced by the experiential small-group excursions that the naturalist guide leads. From piranha fishing to birdwatching and kayaking through the mangroves, these experiences allow guests to get up close to the Amazon’s extraordinarily diverse wildlife. With the guide on hand to share their personal knowledge of this wild and unruly jungle, guests are guaranteed to enjoy the Amazon in all its glory. 

Aqua Nera

Sol y Luna Hotel by Relais & Chateaux 

Sometimes, the best luxury experiences are found at your accommodation — especially if you’re staying at the Hotel Sol y Luna by Relais & Chateaux in the tranquil and scenic Sacred Valley part way between Cusco and Machu Picchu. Sol y Luna is set on dozens of acres of land blooming with native Peruvian flora, creating an oasis in the Andes foothills for its 43 private guest houses or ‘sanctuaries’. 

For the most luxurious stay, opt for the Premium Casita which boasts its own grand master suite with a separate living room and fireplace, as well as a private jacuzzi facing the mountains. Like any true oasis, the resort also features a wealth of premium amenities including a pool, lounge, library, boutique, restaurants, and spa, making it all-too-easy to relax and indulge in your wellbeing. 

Start by booking yourself a few spa, sauna, and yoga sessions followed by a nourishing Peruvian cuisine made using locally-grown ingredients by a culinary team trained by the country’s favourite chef, Pedro Miguel Schiaffano. While the Wayra ranch serves fresh Andean cuisine alongside marinera dancing, its upscale restaurant Killa Wasi focuses on contemporary interpretations of Sacred Valley’s rustic culinary traditions.

Further enhancing its luxurious experience, Sol y Luna gives guests the chance to grow closer to Peru with a selection of elite cultural, adventure-fueled, and gastronomic activities. These include a personal audience with the hotel chef to discover the flavors of the Sacred Vallery, horse-riding through the Andes foothills, paragliding above them, meeting local artisans, and reaching Machu Picchu. 

Sol y Luna Hotel, Sacred Valley

Lunch at MIL Restaurant

Continuously charting in the official World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, Mil Centro (located 3568 meters above sea level in the Sacred Valley) is one of the utmost luxury experiences one can have while visiting Peru. Its concept, created by formidable restaurateurs Virgilio Martínez and Pía León, is a modern elemental restaurant physically and gastronomically harmonized with local nature and culture. Meanwhile, chef Luis Valderrama is in charge of creating the extraordinary cuisine.

Every single ingredient on Mil’s highly commendable 8-course tasting menu is sourced from indigenous farms immediately surrounding the restaurant including maize, legumes, cacao and Andean herbs. Each course is inspired by the ecosystems found at different altitudes in Peru.

To fully appreciate Mil’s ingredients and the surroundings it integrates into so heartily, guests can join its ‘Mil Immersion’ experience. Beginning at 9:30 am, the full-day experience begins with a visit to the local farms, the Inca’s Moray ruins, the cacao and distillation labs, and an exclusive tour of the restaurant before tucking into its tasting menu.

Like a love letter to the land, Mil’s locally grown cuisine is complemented by a simplistic thatched roof restaurant with wide windows that bring the outside in and the inside out, blending seamlessly with the Sacred Valley. 

MIL Centro, Cusco

The Choquequirao Glamping Trek

Hiking and luxury are two words that aren’t usually paired together, but add in the words personal chef, glamping, showers, and personal guides and your ears might just perk up. All of these deluxe features can be added to your Choquequirao hike to create one of the most luxurious hiking experiences in South America. 

The Choquequirao trek is a 5/6-day hike to the ancient Inca ruins of Choquequirao which are considered by some archeologists to be bigger and better than its more famous neighbour Machu Picchu. With elevation losses and gains of over 1,800 meters, reaching over 3,000 meters above sea level, Choquequirao is considered a challenging hike, but a sprinkling of luxury can make all the difference.

Guided by an expert hiking guide who makes an extra effort to accommodate your needs, you will spend the days hiking through the majestic Vilcabamba mountains. Along the way, you’ll stop for lunch and dinner prepared by your accompanying personal chef who whips up gourmet meals to keep you nourished and flourishing each with every mile. 

The tiresome descents and ascents will soon be forgotten at the end of each day when you get to cosy up in a real bed in an over-sized private glamping tent after a long hot shower and rewarding glass of regional wine for a sound and restful night’s sleep. As if these luxuries weren’t enough to make this world-famous hike worthwhile, you’ll also be rewarded with some of Peru’s most spectacular ancient Inca ruins which few get the privilege of seeing. 

Cordillera Huayhuash

Make these luxury Peru experiences yours in 2024

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