Peru’s dry season is April to November and wet season December to March. Coastal regions remain dry throughout the year but heat up during the summer months (Dec – Mar). Machu Picchu is popular throughout the year, but the months of September and November receive less tourists yet have warm days and little rain. February and March are less desirable due to increased rainfall and overcast skies. The Amazon Jungle is accessible year-round, but best visited during the dry season. The Inca festival of the sun – Inti Raymi – takes place annually on June 24, and visitors to Cusco during the festival month of August will see the streets come alive with traditional dancers and marching bands. Discover all of the luxury Peru tours we have to offer at any time of year.

Peru in January & February

Best Time to Visit Peru

Low season in Peru. These warm summer months have increased rainfall and overcast skies, making travel to Machu Picchu and the highlands less desirable. High-water season in the Amazon Jungle permits deeper access by boat to tributaries and an increased chance to spot different canopy top wildlife. Temperatures average 27°C (81°F) in the jungle city of Iquitos. Lima is baked in sunshine during February with average daily temperatures of 23ᵒC (74ᵒF) and nights a balmy 20ᵒC (68ᵒF). The Pasacalles Parade in Lima celebrates the founding of Lima as La Ciudad de Los Reyes (The City of the Kings), and Puno’s Virgin de la Candelaria Festival has a kaleidoscope of colorful dancers and street art with strong influences from local Quechua and Aymara culture.

Peru in March & April

Best Time to Visit Peru

In the highlands of Peru, the wet season remains strong throughout the month of March. Nonetheless daytime temperatures still average 66ᵒF (18ᵒC). April is a shoulder month and sees a change in the weather around Cusco and Machu Picchu. Whilst there is still some precipitation, April offers much greenery and avoids the busy period for travelers; some even consider it the best time to visit Peru. The weather on the coast of Peru and Lima is still hot and dry with temperatures of 80ᵒF (27ᵒC). Peru’s Jungle is still in the wet season with high water levels and high rainfall,  Semana Santa celebrations (Holy Week) take place in Cusco. Dates vary from year to year. Prices for accommodation go up considerably but the celebrations can easily make up for the inconvenience.

Peru in May & June

best time to visit peru

This is the start of the dry season in Peru’s highlands, although there is still a chance of rain well into the middle of May. The weather in Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu averages 66ᵒF (19ᵒC), with nighttime temperatures dropping off in June as winter sets in. If camping forms part of a trekking activity, be prepared for cold nights as temperatures drop to freezing. In the Amazon Jungle rainfall is easing from the previous wet months, but water levels are still high. An important period for festivities in Peru, especially in Cusco City. Corpus Christi, the colorful and traditional Catholic ceremony is celebrated 60 days after Easter Sunday, and Inti Raymi, the reenactment of the famous Inca festival of the sun takes place annually on June 24th.

Peru in July & August

Best Time to Visit Peru

The weather in Cusco and Machu Picchu is characterized by little rainfall and daily highs around 64°F (18ᵒC) with clear blue skies and cooler nights. Peru’s northern and central Amazon sees humid days of 86ᵒF (30ᵒC) and balmy nights of 71ᵒF (22ᵒC). This period also offers best chance of clear skies at 63%; good for wildlife spotting and jungle excursions. Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen is celebrated in the town of Paucartambo (4 hours from Cusco). The saint is known by indigenous population as Mamacha Carmen and she is paraded through the town to a resplendent gathering of costumed dancers and participants. In Lima, the same festival sees the image of the Virgen del Carmen brought from a church in the Barrios Altos neighborhood through the old streets of Lima center.

Peru in September & October

Best Time to Visit Peru

The climate in the highlands starts to change. The weather in Cusco Region including Machu Picchu is characterized by scattered cloudy mornings which give way to bright blue skies. Late October, the cloud cover increases but the weather remains mostly dry. Typical Cusco temperatures are 64ᵒF (18ᵒC) by day and 50ᵒF (10ᵒC) at night. The same is said for the Puno Region and Lake Titicaca, though temperatures are a few degrees less. Weather in Peru’s Amazon sees both rainfall and cloud cover slightly increase. Temperatures are typically ranging from 73°F (23ᵒC) to a humid 89°F(32ᵒC). In these shoulder season months tourist crowds diminish, yet the weather remains reasonable and is considered the best time to travel to Peru. Lima holds the Mistura Food Festival. It takes place typically around the end of October. It is an amazing chance to savor the flavors of Peru’s globally renowned cuisine.

Peru in November & December

Best Time to Visit Peru

The climate across the country starts to change as the transition into summertime takes hold. Daytime temperatures increase and there is a there is a marginal increase in rainfall from December onward. Temperatures in Cusco average 65ᵒF (18ᵒC) by day and 43ᵒF(6ᵒC) at night. Christmas is celebrated in Cusco with the Santikuraray (The Selling of the Saints) market which takes place in Plaza de Armas Cusco on the 23rd and 24th of December. Andean people create wonderful displays of nativity scenes with intricately constructed offerings. New Year is celebrated with vigor across Peru but is especially vibrant in Lima and Cusco. Don yellow clothing and run round the main plaza seven times for good luck.

To fully realize why Peru is so captivating, it is necessary to experience more than just its ruins. Peru is famous for its culinary prowess on a world stage; with the fusion of delicious foods brought from a diverse heritage of local and immigrant peoples. Peruvians naturally excel at hospitality and their warm natural embrace is refreshing and alluring. Start your journey of discovery with the luxury Peru vacations experts.