Combining the beauty of its unique landscapes and wildlife, the adventures that await on its coastlines, and the luxury promised by its cruises, the Galapagos is one of the world’s most enticing destinations for adults and kids alike. As one of the few remaining pristine ecosystems on Earth, it has garnered prestige for its long and unusual list of endemic plant and animal species. On a Galapagos family trip, you and your children will get the rare and privileged opportunity to see them up close as you sail across the archipelago on a luxury yacht. So, if you dream of showing your kids the world, there’s nowhere better to start than this. Read on to find out more about why the Galapagos is the ideal destination for a family trip and which cruise is best for you.

Why go on a Galapagos Family Trip in 2024?

Satisfy your kids’ curiosity

The curiosity, adventure, and wonder the Galapagos cultivates makes it a particularly rewarding destination to visit with your children (aged 10+). For kids, the world is a place of wonder and as a result, they are naturally driven to learn and discover more about their planet. As one of the most naturally unique and diverse ecosystems on our planet, the Galapagos is the perfect place for them to let their curiosity lead them deeper into our natural world. Being free from fear of the unknown unlike us adults can be, they won’t hesitate to climb volcanos, dive into the ocean with rays and turtles, and get up close to strange and unfamiliar animals. 

Teach your kids about the importance of conservation

Since your kids are from a generation heavily threatened by climate change, it will be eye-opening for them to see why environmentalism and conservation are important. As one of the world’s most pristine and well-conserved ecosystems, there is no better example of this than the Galapagos. Led by professional naturalist guides as they explore the islands, your kids will be sure to learn so much about the science behind a balanced ecosystem and the ethics behind conservation. Perhaps the trip will even inspire a love of wildlife, geography, conservation, or photography, which your children can carry into their future careers or hobbies.

Make incredible memories as a family

The adventures and unique experiences a Galapagos cruise offers will be life-changing for you and your children, whether they are 10 or even 21 years old. However, the best takeaway you’ll get from a family Galapagos cruise will be the fire it ignites for your love and appreciation for one another as you spend quality time together in such an incredible part of the world.

The Best Cruises for your Galapagos Family Trip

Cruise the Galapagos on the Infinity Yacht

Bring your family aboard the Infinity yacht for an action-packed yet relaxed cruise around the Galapagos. This handsome 49-meter yacht featuring 10 white-walled and dark wood-floored cabins and suites is designed with families in mind. Enjoy the privacy of interconnecting cabins with private balconies where you can spend quality downtime as a family, or join the rest of the guests and crew for some fun, games, and general camaraderie in the lounge, dining area, bar, and sundeck. Meanwhile, the cruise director will be at hand to ensure your cruise is smooth sailing and the onboard chef will be busy preparing delicious and nutritious meals inspired by Ecuadorian cuisine morning, noon, and night.

There are also two exceptional naturalist guides on board the Infinity yacht to lead Galapagos activities and excursions in small and intimate groups of up to 10 guests. Between their knowledge as guides and their personability as people, they capture the attention and imagination of all ages. While some activities and excursions involve roaming the islands in search of land-based wildlife and unique landscapes, others involve snorkeling around the Galapagos’ coastlines and reefs or exploring them by dinghy. Each of Infinity’s adventurous and educational outings will encourage you to make unforgettable memories as a family in one of the world’s most unusual and exquisite destinations.

Infinity 7-night Large Islands Itinerary

While the Infinity hosts three and four-night cruises, we recommend the seven-night big islands cruise to share the very best that the Galapagos has to offer with your family. This itinerary takes you to all of the archipelago’s most famous sights from San Cristobel Island to Santa Cruz, Isabella, Santiago, Bartholomew, and back. It begins with the opportunity for your kids to learn about conservation at the David Rodriguez Breeding Center followed by a short hike on Santa Cruz to see the Twin Craters, one of the archipelago’s most breathtaking landscapes.

Then, share in the wonders of the Galapagos’ marine life as you snorkel alongside blue-footed boobies at Elizabeth Bay and penguins at Tagus Cove. As you reach Vincente Roca Point, you’ll cross paths with sea lions, turtles, rays, and pufferfish too before soaking up the scenes of Pinnacle Rock on Bartholomew Island. These are just a few of the incredible experiences you can expect to share with your family on this itinerary. Here’s a few more trip highlights:

  • Spot native land iguanas on Santa Fe
  • Observe turtle conservation at the Charles Darwin Research Station
  • Hike around Fernandina Island to observe one of the world’s most pristine ecosystems
  • Navigate the tide pools and mangroves of Moreno Point by dinghy
  • Spot frigate birds, blue-footed boobies, and many more endemic species

Cruise the Galapagos on the Horizon Trimaran

As the only trimaran in the Galapagos, the Horizon promises the smoothest possible sailing experience around the archipelago. For families embarking on their first sea voyage, it is the ideal vessel for a Galapagos adventure, especially when traveling during the wet season when the waters can become a little choppy. The 38-meter-long trimaran, defined by its modern coastal style, accommodates a maximum of 16 passengers for a cozy, intimate, and exclusive sailing experience. While the lounge, indoor and al fresco dining areas, and the sundeck (complete with a jacuzzi) provide ample space to socialize as a family or with new friends onboard, the private balconies offer a place to enjoy the sea views in peace. What’s more, the Horizon is managed by 12 crew members, including a cruise director and naturalist guide — each of whom is dedicated to ensuring your family receives exceptionally personal and attentive service onboard the cruise, and onshore.

The Horizon’s itineraries provide a perfect balance of exploration and relaxation. This will allow your family to embark on exciting adventures to see the very best of the Galapagos and lap up the luxuries of life onboard one of the world’s most exclusive cruises too. Imagine spending your morning devouring a delicious buffet breakfast on the al fresco dining deck as you pull into a bay for a day of snorkeling with the kids amongst turtles, rays, and sharks. Then, take an afternoon nap in your tranquil suite whilst your kids play on the sundeck before coming together for a family dinner accompanied by a beautiful Galapagos sunset. That’s what life on board the Horizon looks like.

Horizon 7-night Small Islands Itinerary

To see the best of the archipelago’s most popular and lesser-known sights with your family, we recommend joining the Horizon’s 7-night itinerary around the Galapagos. As well as visiting popular Galapagos islands on this cruise like Santa Cruz and San Cristobal, the Horizon also takes you to smaller and lesser-visited yet equally exceptional islands like Española, Rabida, and Genovesa. From wildlife spotting to snorkeling, kayaking, and hiking, this itinerary is packed with fun and exciting adventures to keep your kids engaged and happy. 

It begins with a fun and educational visit to the Gianni Arismendy Interpretation Center which introduces your family to the all-important natural and human history of the Galapagos, as well as its conservation. Then, as the cruise sails from island to island, you’ll get the chance to birdwatch at Pitt Point, play on the white sands of Witch Hill, spot sharks, turtles, and tropical fish on a dinghy ride around Kicker Rock, and visit the world’s only albatross colony at Gardner Bay. During each excursion, your Horizon naturalist guide will be on hand to give you fascinating insight into the geology, history, and biology of the Galapagos’ special ecosystem. If those trip highlights aren’t tempting enough, here’s some more of our favorites:

  • Spotting Galapagos hawks and large-billed fly-catchers at Rabida Island
  • Hiking beside the quick-footed Galapagos lava lizards at Egas Port
  • Kayak through the mangroves at Darwin Bay
  • Enjoy glorious sea views from the top of Prince Philip’s Step
  • Learn about turtle conservation at the Charles Darwin Research Center

Find out more about our Galapagos Family Trips

A cruise around the Galapagos is one of the most rewarding vacations you can take as a family. Not only does it enable you to teach your kids about the sanctity and sensitivity of our natural world, but it also enables you to make some of the rarest and most special memories a family could make together. To make some memories of your own, talk to our Galapagos experts who can guide you through the Galapagos’ best vessels, itineraries, and more. Call us toll-free (USA/Canada) on +1 855 217 9045, or direct on +51 84 656 421, or send us a message here.