From the mountains of Patagonia to the peaks and valleys of the Atacama Desert, Chile is undoubtedly one of the planet’s most adventurous destinations. That doesn’t mean, however, you need the muscle tone and energy levels of a twenty-something to explore it. Many are surprised to find out just how easy it is for senior travelers to find adventure in Chile too. Each of the country’s top destinations and points of interest offer accessible Chile tours for seniors that provide maximum adventure with minimum effort. Yes, you can even see the famous towering peaks of Torres del Paine without any hiking! What’s more, it can all be done in complete luxury.

In this article, we take a look at exactly how you can see all of Chile’s best destinations as a senior traveler looking for an adventurous yet luxurious trip. We cover the best Chile tours for seniors from Torres del Paine to San Pedro de Atacama, the Chilean Wine Region, and even Easter Island. It will give you all the inspiration you need to create that dream trip you have long deserved. If this peaks your interest discover our other luxury Chile trips

Torres del Paine tours

Torres del paine National Park has everything you’d want to see in Chilean Patagonia: dramatic mountain peaks, glaciers, lakes, and an array of topography. Luckily, everything can be seen on luxury day tours with little to no hiking, if that’s what you’d prefer. The Chile tours for seniors in this park can be arranged as part of your luxury hotel stay or individually.

Overland Across the Park

Embark on a private overlanding tour in a Patagonia-equipped 4×4 driven by a knowledgeable guide. The tour will stop at all of Torres del Paine’s visual highlights including the Grey Glacier, Salto Grande Waterfall, Sarmiento Lake, and the Horns of Paine peaks. At each point, you’ll get to walk around and soak up the scenes at your leisure, allowing you to fully appreciate the park’s beauty. The 4x4s can also take you on lesser-traveled routes through the park to see the steppes and pampas that Patagonia is so well-known for, depending on how long you’d like to explore.

Boat tour to Grey Glacier

Get up close and personal to the Grey Glacier on a catamaran tour across the lake. But first, you’ll enjoy a relaxed walk along Grey Beach, one of the park’s most scenic spots, to reach the catamaran. Once you’ve settled on board, you will get a front-row seat to the incredible colors and shapes of the calved icebergs that float in the lake as the captain gently weaves you around them toward the glacier. When you reach it, your eyes will become transfixed with the glacier’s wall, studying its curves and crevices in fine detail as it pushes further and further towards you before calving further into the lake. Taking around half a day altogether, you’ll have the afternoon to relax and luxuriate at your hotel.

San Pedro de Atacama tours

San Pedro de Atacama is the perfect Chile destination for seniors because it offers adventure in delicious bite-size chunks. There are exceptional natural spectacles spread across this high-altitude desert, each of them easily accessible by road. Therefore, the best way to explore the desert is on a private guided overlanding desert safari. In one wonder-filled day, you can visit the Tatio Geysers, the colorful red and emerald lagoons, and float in the Cejar salt lagoon surrounded by the Andes foothills. However, there are some points of interest that deserve extra time and attention with their own dedicated tour.

Star gazing tour

The Atacama is an extremely dry high-altitude desert, providing the ideal circumstances for clear and precise space observations. It’s no wonder leading space researchers have telescopes placed here, allowing them to see some of the clearest views of our stars on Earth. On an evening star-gazing tour, you will be taken deep into the darkness of the desert’s night to stargaze with a similarly powerful telescope to witness this otherwordly sight for yourself. Accompanied by a professional astronomer, your eye will be guided across the sky to spot everything from planets and moons to shooting stars and constellations. Some of the top hotels TLA book even have their own telescope, so you can gaze at the stars whenever you like.

Moon Valley tour

The mars-like landscape of Moon Valley is one of the Atacama Desert’s most astounding sights, making it deserving of its own tour. The bold, blood-orange, barren landscape is personified by its staggering rock formations which rise almost completely vertically from the flat ground. From wide sporadic formations, the landscape narrows in places to form narrow valleys which seemingly line up beside each other toward the horizon. The valley can be explored by car, foot, bike, or all three depending on your preferences. But whatever you do, be sure to stay to watch one of the most colorful sunsets you’ve ever seen. 

Salar de Atacama

The Salar de Atacama, or Atacama Salt Flats are one of the most mesmerizing natural spectacles in northern Chile. At the foot of the Andes, arid red rocky plains collected water that trickled from the mountains to form lagoons and dried to create vast crystalized salt flats that stretch towards the horizon. On a tour of the Salar, you will be driven toward the Chile-Bolivia border where the Andes foothills lie and you will begin a slow and steady walk along a path around the salt flats. Along the way, you’ll get to see the way the salt has changed the ground’s color and structure. Towards the end, you’ll be shown to the Chaxa Lagoon, where you can experience the incredible phenomenon of floating in salt-saturated water with the Andes providing a stunning backdrop.

Chilean Wine Region tours

The Chilean Wine Region extends over 500 miles from the capital of Santiago to Temuco across the central stretch of the country. With its wide reach comes a wide range of wineries, vineyards, and wines, each of which leaves its own lasting impression on wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. While the widely-known Maipo Valley impresses visitors with international wineries, the emerging Colchagua Valley sways them with its prestigious flavors. As a result, there are numerous luxury hotels and vineyards across the region offering enticing Chile wine tours for seniors, but these a most highly recommended:

The VIK Experience

VIK is an ultra-luxury concept hotel that blends art, design, and wine located on its own private reserve 100 miles south of Santiago. Guests are not only treated to VIK’s extraordinary futuristic architecture and tasteful art, but they are also treated to its incomparable experiences. You can tour the grounds by foot, bike, or even horseback at your leisure, whet your palette with premium wine tours and tastings, and pair your favorite wines with delicious cuisine at a cooking class with VIK’s top chef. Whilst encouraging you to venture deep into the world of Chilean wine, it also encourages you to relax and indulge in life’s finer things.

Colchuaga Valley with Clos Apalta

Taste the prestigious wines of the Colchuaga Valley which produces refined concentrated grapes from its unique granitic soils created by Andean meltwater. To squeeze every last drop of wonder from this wine region, stay at the Clos Apalta Residence, a private family winery on a grand estate. Guests get the chance to explore the Clos’ wine-making process on private tours of the vineyard and winery, as well as touring those in the surrounding region. The property features elegant suites, lounges, a gourmet restaurant and an infinity pool to relax in luxury after a hard day’s wine tasting in the Colchuaga Valley.

Easter Island tours

Although Easter Island is almost a six-hour plane ride from Santiago de Chile, once you’re there, it requires minimal effort to explore. Besides, it’s well worth every minute of the journey. The island is best known for its strange monoliths, the ‘Moai’, which you can find on small hikes around the island, or on an overlanding tour if you prefer. The far-off Pacific Ocean island is also an astonishing spectacle of nature, home to dormant volcanoes, miles, and miles of caves, tall cliffs, and rugged beaches. Luckily, they don’t require long, multi-day hikes to reach them either. Instead, expect half-day tours with a short car ride and easy walk accompanied by a knowledgeable guide that will share all of the island’s history, myths, and legends with you along the way.

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