Walk in the footsteps of the Incas and enrich your life by the understanding of life’s ever changing, ever evolving beauty…


This luxury Peru & Hotel Based Galapagos Package is an opportunity to come live two of the most enthralling destinations on our plant. Peru, a land of rich cultural heritage and tradition offers opportunities for exploring the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the fortress of Machu Picchu and the rich treasures of Colonial and Incan Cusco city. Further onward to Quito Ecuador to see this beautiful UNESCO heritage gem, before setting flight to the Columbus Archipelago of the Galapagos Islands. These enchanted volcanic isles rise from the Pacific Ocean 600 miles from mainland South America. Your Machu Picchu & Galapagos Tour will see you based in a beautiful hotel on Santa Cruz Island where you will venture out to marvel at the evolutionary miracles lying in wait for you in the flora and fauna of these lands.


  • Day 01 – Arrive Lima
  • Day 02 – Flight to Cusco, Visit Pisac Market and Ruins
  • Day 03 – Misminay Andean Community, Maras Salt Pans, Moray Ruins
  • Day 04 – One Day Inca Trail Hike to Machu Picchu
  • Day 05 – Guided Tour of Machu Picchu, Huayna Picchu Hike
  • Day 06 – Free Morning, Afternoon Cusco Tour
  • Day 07 – Flight to Quito via Lima
  • Day 08 – Tour of Colonial Quito
  • Day 09 – Santa Cruz Island & Charles Darwin Research Station
  • Day 10 & 11 – Island Visits Galapagos
  • Day 12 – Flight to Guayaquil/ Quito

Day 01 – Arrive Lima

Arrival to Lima International Airport. Overnight Lima Airport Hotel.

Day 02 – Flight to Cusco, Visit Pisac Market and Ruins

Mid-morning you will take a flight to Cusco and our representative will escort you to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Today will be a relaxed day, acclimatizing to the altitude, and we begin with a visit to the famous Pisac market where you will find a host of traditional Andean textiles, trinkets and locals selling weird and wonderful regional produce. After lunch you will head upward to the Inca ruins at Pisac. This impressive defensive site built by the Inca civilization at the eastern end of the Sacred Valley contains four sectors of Q’allaqasa, Pisaqa, Intihuatana, and Kinchiracay. Your privately guided tour will unearth the secrets of this magical destination and give insights to the significance of the sectors at this expansive archaeological site.

Day 03 – Misminay Andean Community, Maras Salt Pans, Moray Ruins

Misminay is a small village in the Andean foothills where a genuine eco-tourism project has been undertaken to help the education and development of the local community members. You will learn first hand experiences of the Inca culture and daily lives across farming, weaving and traditional healing methods passed down from ancestors. After lunch you will visit the mysterious Inca crop laboratory of Moray ruins in addition to a visit to the Maras Salt Pans. The setting is scenic and quite surreal clinging to the cliffside of the Andes. You will learn how locals since pre-Inca times have collectively produced a salt now renowned the world over.

Day 04 – One Day Inca Trail Hike to Machu Picchu

A walk in the footsteps of the Inca people, this is an exhilarating adventure along the slopes of the Andes mountains. The route offers lesser known impressive Inca sites such as Wiñay Wayna discovered by the Wenner Gren Scientific Expedition as recently as 1940. The trek, with your insightful guide, will offer up a great revelation of the Inca culture and the daily working of their people and magnificent empire. Your day ends with a befitting entrance through the Sun Gate, revealing to your eyes magisterial Machu Picchu in all its finery.

Distance: 8 Miles / 13 Kms
Difficulty: Moderate
NOTE: Option to take the train to Machu Picchu instead of the Inca Trail.


Day 05 – Guided Tour of Machu Picchu, Huayna Picchu Hike

Your privately guided tour of Machu Picchu will ensure you get to visit the most consequential elements of the citadel and furthermore understand how they worked in unison among the Inca community. You the have the freedom to embark on a trek to Huayna Picchu Mountain. This winding ascent brings you to a pinnacle which offers classical panoramas overlooking Machu Picchu. The climb is always worth the efforts to gaze down upon one of the wonders of the world. Pictures or words do not just to living this rapturous experience. In the evening you will board the train to Cusco to reminisce on a perfect day of life’s journey!

Day 06 – Free Morning, Afternoon Cusco Tour

A free morning to relax after your eventful day yesterday. What better place to than colonial Cusco the former capital of the Tawantinsuyu Inca Empire. In the afternoon you can enjoy a tour of the many ruins of Cusco and the surrounding hinterland. These include the fortress of Sacsayhuaman overlooking Cusco, Korikancha (Temple of the Sun), Cusco Cathedral and Q’enko, where the sun, moon and stars were worshipped. UNESCO have noted this city as being one of the most important centers of religious art creation and production in the continent. Every cobblestone street and baroque or Incan inspired building is sure to leave you in awe at this amazing highland city.

Day 07 – Flight to Quito via Lima

A morning flight will begin your journey, destination Quito Ecuador. This route involves a connecting flight in Lima en route. At Quito you will be met by your guide and transferred to your hotel. Overnight in a Quito hotel.

Day 08 – Tour of Colonial Quito

We begin with a visit to the colonial heart of Quito founded in 1534 by Diego de Almagro. The city was made a UNESCO world culture site way back in 1978 denoting its exemplary preservation of some of the finest building in all of the Americas. The finest churches are included on our tour of La Compania, the monastery of San Francisco and we follow with an insight to working life in Quito at La Ronda. We conclude our Quito visit to learn of high-quality chocolate making and the passionate journey taken by Republica del Cacao right here in the heart of Quito.

Day 09 – Santa Cruz Island & Charles Darwin Research Station

On arrival in the Galapagos our guide will greet you and accompany you on your transfer to the ferry from Baltra Island to Santa Cruz Island. Santa Cruz will be your base to explore the archipelago. Your transfer journey offers the opportunity to see giant tortoises in their natural setting, you can enjoy lunch here at a local ranch. After lunch we will arrive at the Charles Darwin Research Station where you will have time to examine the extensive work of this conservation institute in preserving the Galapagos natural habitats.

Day 10 & 11 – Island Visits Galapagos

Spanning days ten and eleven of your itinerary you will visit a selection of stunning islands. The particular islands are subject to change due to climatic conditions and availability. What can be assured is that all of the islands are magnificent destinations where you will be in awestruck by the wonders of mother nature. This day too can offer Galapagos diving with the option to do two different dives, for qualified and certified divers. Typical examples of dive options include Mosquera which is an islet situated between Seymour and Baltra island and a second dive at the Seymour Channel. Please talk to your luxury Galapagos travel expert for diving details.

Bartholomew Island
A journey of two hours will see you arrive at Bartholomew Island where you ascend the steps to see a glorious view of the almost lunar landscape of Sullivan Bay and the famed Pinnacle Rock. This volcanic island holds a now dormant caldera and a landscape with a host of volcanic colors and minerals. The animal life about Bartholomew abounds with sea turtles, sharks, white-tip reef sharks, tropical fish, and sea lions. On land you can view Sally Light-foot Crabs, marine iguanas, sea lions, Lava Herons and most importantly Galapagos Penguins.

Santa Fe Island
A journey of about forty-five minutes by boat will see you arrive at Santa Fe Island. This small island is home to the unique Sante Fe rice rat and the Sante Fe land iguana which can be seen occasionally beneath the giant cacti here; some of which stretch to over 6 meters (20 feet) in height. You will also visit the idyllic sandy beach at Barrington Bay where sea lions come to play and bask in the sun. There are two hiking options from where you can see Galapagos hawks, night herons, mockingbirds, doves and following on enjoy some diving at the picturesque bay to endeavor to find a stingray or sea tortoise.

North Seymour
Today we depart from the Itabaca Channel to journey by boat to North Seymour Island. The island offers a wonderful insight to the Galapagos seabird colonies along some magnificent hiking routes. The endemic species here include blue-footed boobies and the bedazzling frigate birds with their bright red chests. The ability to witness the interaction of the birds, nesting, breeding and their fascinating courtship dances are what make this island truly special. Following on from lunch you can try some snorkeling beside the sea lions on the shoreside or enjoy a swim at the beautiful Bachas Beach. A perfect end to a perfect day!

Plazas Island
Following a morning journey of two hours by boat you will arrive on the shoreline of South Plazas Island. On landing you will witness the large sea lion population along with land and marine iguanas, blue footed boobies, Nazca boobies and a host of tropical birdlife. This small island is a gem in the Galapagos Islands and hosts a diverse range of flora including Sesuvium (shoreline purslane) which changes from bright green to red, orange, and purple over the course of a season. Its colors make for a fine showcase of an amazing natural carpet.

Bay Tour and Tortuga Bay Visit
This tour of the bay combines hiking, snorkeling and some timeout to enjoy the natural treasures such as Loberia and its sea lions; or at Las Grietas for the perfect snorkeling adventure in the underwater crevasses. Next, we take a walk to the white sandy beach of Tortuga Bay, en route passing through an Opuntia and Candelabra cactus forest. The forests abound with birdlife of Darwin finches, mockingbirds, and yellow warblers. The beach too is a haven of live with stingrays, fish, baby reef sharks, sea turtles and pelicans as just a few of the visitors to these waters. Keep a look along the cliffs too for the nesting blue footed boobies. Keep your camera ready as mother nature’s marvels wait for nobody!


Day 12 - Flight to Guayaquil/ Quito

Following on from breakfast you will take the ferry to Baltra and onward to Baltra airport for your departure flight to Quito or Guayaquil. This evolutionary journey will leave you forever changed and enriched by the understanding of life’s ever changing, ever evolving beauty. Such experiences make your soul spiritually richer and impart an eagerness to travel and learn even more about the secrets of our wonderous blue planet.


Our trips are tailor-made to suit your requirements. Contact a luxury Peru and Galapagos expert for a comprehensive itinerary and pricing:

  • US$ 750+ per person per day (based on 5-star hotels)**
  • US$ 600 – 750 per person per day (based on 4-star hotels)**
  • US$ 500 – 600 per person per day (based on 3-star hotels)**

**NOTE: The price of the trip varies greatly depending on the level of hotels that are included in your trip. Talk to a travel expert about the hotels that best meets your budget expectations.

Included in the Price:

  • Guided excursions as described in itinerary.
  • Hotel nights + breakfasts.
  • Airport collections and drop-offs with check-in and baggage assistance.
  • 24 Hour emergency contact number and assistance (in-country).

Not Included in the Price:

  • International flights.
  • Domestic flight package. Flights needed Lima – Cusco – Lima / Quito – Galapagos – Guayaquil. Approximate cost US$ 1,100 – 1,250 per person. We can purchase these flights on your behalf.
  • INGALA Transit Control Card – US$ 20 pp (subject to change at any time).
  • Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee: US$ 100 pp (adult) / US$ 50 pp (child) (subject to change at any time).
  • Tips or gratuities.
  • Other meals not stated in the itinerary.
  • Travel insurance.

You can travel to the Galapagos anytime of the year. There isn’t really a good or bad time to travel, simply different times. When you travel could depend on the wildlife that you want to see, breading patterns or when the water is warmer for snorkeling. There are many considerations! December – February offers a warmer climate, and sea temperatures also start to increase meaning that you’ll probably not need a wet suit for snorkeling come February. Over Christmas and New Year hotel prices are usually higher availability is often challenging (often booked up 12-16 months in advance). March – April: These are the warmest months of the year and an increasingly popular time to travel. During these months you’ll want air-conditioning in your hotel to offset the scorching sun. May – July: Temperatures in the Galapagos start to cool off, so a great time for exploring the islands. This is a popular period to travel, so booking with lots of anticipation is important during this period. Towards the end of these months, nighttime temperatures can get a little nippy, so you’ll need to be prepared with a light jacket or jumper. August – November: These are the coolest months in the Galapagos. This period is known as the “garua” period as the islands and seas are encapsulated in a light mist. If hiking in the highlands you may require a light water-proof jacket. August and September are known for having choppier seas. These months are good for snorkeling as the water is clearer, but due to the lower sea temperatures a wetsuit is usually required. This would be considered low season in the Galapagos. Peru has two seasons, the wet season (November – April) and the dry season (May – October). High-season is from April – November and also Christmas and New Year. February and March are the quietest months and have the heaviest rainfall. The Inca Trail (if included) is closed for the month of February.


We highly recommend that you plan your Peru & Hotel Based Galapagos Package with as much anticipation as possible. It is not uncommon over holiday periods and during high-season (April – July) that hotels are booked up 12- 16 months in advance.

Departure Dates:
Dates are flexible and customized to meet your needs. Let us know which dates work best for you and we will tailor the itinerary accordingly.

This Peru & Hotel Based Galapagos Package is suitable for people looking for an active trip that includes light-adventure. It is suitable for all ages but consider carefully taking young children or babies to the Galapagos. If you include the 1-day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu we recommend that children are 10 years old (minimum).

Easy – Moderate: This Galapagos and Peru travel package is suitable for most people. It is recommended to have a good level of fitness and mobility as island excursions can include moderately-challenging hikes.

Destinations Visited:

  • Lima
  • The Sacred Valley
  • Machu Picchu
  • Cusco
  • Quito
  • Galapagos Islands

Vacation Package Type:

  • Sightseeing
  • Nature
  • Wildlife
  • World Wonder
  • History
  • Light-adventure


Tell us about your travel plans, and let us hand-craft the perfect trip for you



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