Peru is a destination of great myth and folklore, well known from Inca times but also a host of other civilizations across eons of time. Latin America is often not the first choice of senior travelers and I decided to explain some of the realities around senior luxury travel 2020 at Totally Latin America. Many ask “How can I get to Machu Picchu or Peru as a senior traveler?”

We at Totally Latin America have been pioneers in luxury Peru tours for many years, we live and work here and know this land innately well. Throughout that time, we have had a broad range of clientele across age categories. However, many of these loyal travelers have an age bracket of 60 years and older. The world we live in today sees many of these people as well travelled and in reasonably good shape health-wise; and so, they are always seeking new adventures in exotic and distant lands.

Machu Picchu Tours for Seniors

Senior travelers
can visit Machu Picchu and Peru in 2020 for luxury Peru tours in the trusted and capable hands of our local expert staff at Totally Latin America. When traveling to the highlands of Peru the first consideration is the altitude and acclimatization. You need to see how a custom designed luxury Peru tour can best find the needs of the senior traveler. Let’s take a typical 8-day tour of Peru and see how the best possible luxury Peru tours for senior citizens are designed.

Initially you will arrive into Lima, if traveling from the USA then most likely that arrival will be late at night. You will overnight and next day fly up to Cusco. The best option on arrival in Cusco, at over 11,000 feet high is to head down for the Sacred Valley at an altitude of about 9,500 feet. An easy first day is of paramount importance in allowing your body to adapt. The next day is again spent in the valley with some touring and visits to the breathtaking Inca ruins such as Pisac, Moray or Ollantaytambo. There are a host of options and the travel luxury Peru vacation experts at Totally Latin America will be glad to advise on the best attractions for your own unique preferences.

The Train To Machu Picchu

The journey to Machu Picchu for senior citizens can be taken typically by either the train or by a One Day Inca Trail Hike. Both are equally accessible to senior travelers with a reasonable level of fitness. The train is the easier option and a first choice for those with limited mobility. From the train you will take a shuttle bus from Aguas Calientes village up to the citadel of Machu Picchu. Your very own private guide will ensure you have time to absorb and truly experience insights into the world of the Inca with your time there.

One Day Inca Trail

Alternate to the train, the One Day Inca Trail hike takes about 6 hours. Totally Latin America providing a private guide for your total comfort throughout this spell-binding re-tracing of Inca pathways; to arrive at the glory of the Sun Gate into Machu Picchu. Age is never a factor for senior luxury Peru tours in 2019 with Totally Latin America. Your expert guides will travel at a pace that suits you and not have to worry about keep up with some speedy group members as other tours often do. Following on from Machu Picchu you will travel back up to Cusco and usually spend a couple of days walking among the hallowed walls and enjoying the people of the heartland of the Inca people.

An eight-day trip normally concludes with some time in Lima to savor the infamous food scene. It is the only city on the planet with three restaurants in the World Top 50 Best Restaurants List. Totally Latin America can help make your senior luxury tour in Peru something extra special. You can experience the very best in Peruvian cuisine from a hands-on cooking class with local chefs or an evening of world class fine dining at places like Maido, Astrid y Gaston or the new Central Restaurant opened in the Boihemian Barranco district.

Looking To Add Some More Adventure?

If you wish to add a little extra to your senior luxury Peru tour for 2019 then you can also consider a few days to experience Lake Titicaca, the world’s highest navigable lake or venture down to the Amazon Jungle for either a stay a luxurious jungle lodge or perhaps a luxury Amazon river cruise.

Machu Picchu Tours for Seniors

With Totally Latin America you can choose the dates that suit you and a pace that suits you; these are just some of the benefits of custom made vacations over group departures. Other important factors too such as hotel location, oxygen availability in hotels, English speaking guides and honest impartial advice serve to make the best possible trip for senior travelers visiting Peru in 2020.

So how can you book one of these senior luxury Peru tours for 2019?

The process is simple:

  1. Go to Totally Latin America and select Contact Us. Fill in the short contact form and you will be contacted by a travel expert for your chosen destination within 24 hours.
  2. Your expert will reply to your request by email or call you and discuss your needs.
  3. Once the options are agreed upon your travel expert will create an individual itinerary perfectly matched to your chosen destinations and your physical ability.
  4. You review the itinerary; then your expert makes any necessary changes and that’s it. A complex process made simple.

Your travel experts are waiting to make your senior’s luxury Peru vacation a reality. Go and view all the wonderful destinations Peru has to offer here. Remember in a busy world our company still takes the time to allow you slow down and enjoy the magical destinations of Peru.

Important Note: Prior to any vacation in Peru it is essential to seek medical advice from your doctor and also ensure you have a fully inclusive travel insurance policy to meet your individual needs. Your travel expert will be happy to provide details of your itinerary as required.

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