As per our on-going commitment to giving back to local communities, this year Totally Latin America partnered with the non-profit charity Picaflor House and their Healthy Lunch Programme for local kids.

It is important for all of us that work at TLA Travel to make sure that we take responsibility to support for the lesser-off folk in our local communities. Be sure in the knowledge that when you buy a luxury Peru Vacation with us, you are helping us to support people that really need our financial help.

About Picaflor House

Started in 2010 by Jim Elliott and Camila Ochoa, Picaflor House is an after-school education programme for children aged 3-14, Monday-Friday afternoons in the village Oropesa, near Cusco. With classes in numeracy, literacy and English, and extra-curricular activities such as chess, dance, and arts and crafts for primary-aged children, and a daily Kindergarten programme for the 3-6 year olds, children receive a boost to their educationand learn new skills all whilst being in a safe place while their parents work. Furthermore, our Healthy Lunch Programme and Healthy Snack Programme provide the children with a healthy meal and piece of fruit on a daily basis.

Picaflor House Healthy Lunch Programme

Since October 2016, Picaflor House has provided 60 children with a nutritious lunch Monday-Friday. Having surveyed all the children and families of Picaflor House, it became apparent that many of the children don’t receive a balanced diet, with some families not being able to afford to feed their children every day. Thanks to donors such as TLA Travel, Picaflor House can provide a balanced meal 5-days a week to the Picaflor House children. Our on-site coordinator works closely with the kitchen staff to create a varied, healthy menu for the children, who come straight from school to enjoy their lunch. Thanks to our Healthy Lunch Programme, we have noticed an increase in regular attendance and energy amongst the children. As such, we hope to be able to continue to provide healthy lunches throughout the next few years.

Go a Step Further and Donate

Picaflor House is self-financed and received money from fundraising activities and donations. Keeping 60 children a day fed and covering all the other costs of running such an operations costs money. If you want to donate and support Picaflor House then you can do so by clicking – DONATE HERE.

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Visit Picaflor Website

Visit the Picaflor website and see what they do click here.

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