L et’s be honest – how many of us harbour a closet Indiana Jones, secretly yearning to be that intrepid Amazon jungle explorer, but equally just a little too soft to abandon all our home comforts, even for a once-in-a lifetime Peruvian rainforest experience? Well the good news is that Hacienda Concepcion – the most recent addition to the portfolio of luxurious Peruvian hotels owned by Inkaterra – offers the perfect combination of luxury, accessibility and jungle authenticity, and all with a surprisingly affordable price tag.

In our time-straitened lives it is also reassuring to know that once you book your luxury jungle vacation package at Hacienda Concepcion all you need to worry about is getting to the airport at Puerto Maldonado, gateway to the Madre de Dios region of the Southern Amazon basin, an area known as Peru’s capital of biodiversity – and you just leave the rest to Inkaterra.

Let’s start at the very beginning

Your all-inclusive luxury package with Hacienda Concepcion starts with pick up from the airport and transfer to the check-in lounge – a comfortable and airy space near the airport where you can enjoy tropical juice, a refreshing cold towel and a last chance to check your e-mails before plunging into the wi-fi free zone where the resort is located. You can also wander around the adjacent butterfly centre before you head off for the 30-minute boat ride along the river to the Hacienda. Staff will even take your onward flight details so they can check you in online while you are still in the jungle. They really do think of everything.

The property itself is located a short walk from the banks of the wide Madre de Dios River and is surrounded by virgin rainforest, teeming with wildlife from sedate red howler monkeys and clumsy hoatzin birds to brightly coloured macaws and Amazonian kingfishers. The river and nearby oxbow lakes are also home to caimans, turtles and elusive giant river otters. You only have to walk around the grounds to spot all sorts of birds and animals – and some of the detached guest cabanas overlook a private lagoon, perfect for a bit of “twitching” early in the morning.

Your jungle package includes…

Even if you are not the most eagle-eyed of tourists it would be hard to leave without having ticked a goodly number of species off your jungle wildlife spotting list. Various outdoor activities are included in each package – minimum stay two nights – ranging from a leisurely guided botanical walk through the jungle or an evening caiman cruise to an early morning hike to Lake Sandoval and an adrenalin-inducing canopy walk across vertiginous rope and plank bridges.

The impeccable design extends to the guest rooms and cabanas, of which there are a total of just 25, meaning that even when full the Hacienda Concepcion never feels overcrowded.

Be warned though, the activities programme is pretty full-on which may leave you wishing you could spend more time just relaxing in the luxurious surroundings of the Hacienda’s communal areas. The heart of the resort is the elegant Casa Grande where all meals and drinks are served (downstairs) and where afternoon tea, coffee and cake can be taken (upstairs) whilst being serenaded by the sounds of the jungle.

Responsible tourism and a touch of luxury

The construction and interior design of the building is testament to both Inkaterra’s commitment toresponsible and sustainable tourism and their refusal to compromise on luxury and good taste for the sake of such policies. Constructed from sustainable and recycled timbers, the heavily beamed upstairs ceiling rises high into the sky creating a capacious and airy space in which to enjoy complimentary ‘tea-time’ and your pre-dinner or happy hour cocktails.

Inkaterra co-owner and award-winning interior designer Denise Koechlin can take the credit for the visually appealing and eco-friendly interiors. The classy, comfortable furniture is also made from recycled wood and upholstered with jungle motifs. Down-lighter shades are made from hollowed out palm trunks and even the electric cables are concealed inside bamboo.

The impeccable design extends to the guest rooms and cabanas, of which there are a total of just 25, meaning that even when full the Hacienda Concepcion never feels overcrowded. Constructed with the same materials as the Casa Grande, each spacious, detached cabana is furnished with extremely comfortable beds with crisp white linens and mosquito nets, and an assortment of recycled timber furniture strategically placed to take advantage of the views and the breezes that enter through the expansive mesh-covered windows.

Little luxury touches include flip-flops for each guest and an endless supply of free mineral water. There are also twin sinks with mirrors and separate shower and toilet cubicles for optimum privacy. At turn down staff lower your mosquito nets and blinds, place romantic lanterns throughout your cabana and around the entrance, and if a winter cold snap should take you by surprise – and it does happen – they even spread luxurious faux-fur blankets on your bed, and place sheepskin hot water bottles inside.

All meals are also included in the very reasonable price of a stay at Hacienda Concepcion – rack rates for a cabana start at around $600 per couple for two nights, rooms in the Casa Grande are slightly less. Breakfast and lunch are buffet style and dinner is a three course a la carte with a small but changing selection of simple and tasty Peruvian, international and vegetarian dishes each night. The perfect way to round off a busy day of unleashing your inner Indiana.

So if you love the idea of exploring one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots but don’t want to compromise on style and comfort, check out Hacienda Concepcion and check in for some excellent value Peruvian jungle luxury.

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