The Amazon was often considered an inaccessible and inhospitable place to go, but Amazon River cruises have transformed it into one of the world’s most luxurious adventure holiday destinations. Now, you can eat breakfast in bed or sip on cocktails in a jacuzzi as you watch the Amazon glide by from the comfort of a five-star riverboat before heading out on a kayak in search of its illustrious wildlife. For the discerning traveler looking for a more polished adventure, it’s by far the best way to experience the Amazon. 

No matter what anyone says, you don’t have to rough it in a tent to experience the jungle authentically. Regardless of whether you sleep on the ground or on a king-size bed, you’ll have equal opportunity to get up close and personal with the jungle’s wild residents. The question is: how much is it to explore the Amazon without compromising on your home comforts? And more importantly: is it worth it? In this article, we answer the first question in-depth and show you exactly what to expect from a luxury Amazon River cruise so that you can answer the second question for yourself. 

So, how much does an Amazon River cruise cost?

Amazon River Cruise Cost

In general, you can expect to pay $2,500 to $4,000 pp for a 4-5 day cruise on the Amazon River, and more for a longer stay. The price is higher than the average cruise because first and foremost, they prioritize luxury and exclusivity over affordability. These cruises are designed for those looking to combine a relaxing and pampering five-star hotel experience with the unique adventures of the Amazon. Therefore, each aspect of the cruise from the food to the excursions is carefully planned and executed with equal consideration to provide an unforgettable stay at every level. So, while an Amazon Cruise is certainly not cheap, its price point is a fair reflection of the service you receive. Let’s take a deeper look into what the price includes to see why this is so.

An all-inclusive indulgence

Imagine an Amazon River cruise to be one of the world’s most lavish all-inclusive floating hotels. The price includes everything from your spacious accommodation to your food, drink, and all the Amazonian excursions on your planned itinerary. Therefore, you won’t have to spend a single dime from the moment you step on board to the moment you say goodbye. With everything paid for before you embark on your adventure, all that’s left to do when you board is enjoy the journey to the full.

What’s more, you needn’t worry about limits. On your well-earned vacation, you get to indulge to your heart’s content with unlimited food and drink. While there are set meal times, you still have the freedom and satisfaction of consuming delicious snacks and drinks whenever you fancy upon request.

Enviable facilities

The Amazon riverboats are thoughtfully designed to provide an exceptional sense of luxury and comfort during your stay. This is greatly contributed by their outstanding onboard facilities that cannot be found anywhere else in the Amazon. First and foremost, the suites are surprisingly spacious and often include a lounge area, floor-to-ceiling windows, or even a private balcony so that guests have their own personal haven on the riverboat. Stepping out of the suites, guests are spoilt for choice with places to relax and socialize with others from the sundeck complete with a jacuzzi and bar to the lounges, dining areas, and observation points. Some riverboats even go above and beyond by providing an onboard gym and spa where you can indulge in a neck and shoulder massage whilst the Amazon glides by your window.

Outstanding service

On a luxury Amazon River cruise, you can expect every aspect of the service to be outstanding. The guest-to-crew ratio is often 1:1, which allows the crew to provide a very personalized attentive service. Of course, at least one of these crew members is the naturalist guide, but on larger cruises, there will be multiple to keep group sizes small and personal. There is also a passionate chef onboard who freshly prepares all of your meals combining the flavors of the Amazon with home comforts. Best of all, there is a cruise director onboard who is in charge of ensuring the cruise runs smoothly. Not only do they manage the itinerary, but they also ensure their guests’ happiness and wellbeing.

A highly specialized experience

On an Amazon River cruise, you will benefit from some of the most rewarding excursions in the Amazon. Every riverboat has an onboard naturalist guide that lives and breathes the rainforest. They know exactly how to navigate this wild terrain, where to find even the jungle’s shyest residents and best of all, they possess an incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom of the Amazon’s flora and fauna. As a result, each of your Amazon excursions will feel enriching as you get to know your surroundings on a deep and personal level. Scheduling everything from wilderness walks to birdwatching and kayaking through mangroves, the Amazon River cruise itinerary also ensures each of your activities is new and exciting.

Which Amazon River cruises are the best value for money?

You now have an idea of how much an Amazon River cruise costs and what you can expect to be included in the price, so the next question is: which Amazon River cruise companies offer the best value for money? Well, as a Latin American travel company with years of experience planning and delivering Amazon vacations, we have found two companies in particular that go above and beyond to provide an unforgettable Amazon cruise at an excellent value: Aqua Expeditions and Delfin Cruises. Let’s take a look at what exactly you get on board their Amazon River cruises.

Aqua Expeditions: Aria Amazon and Aqua Nera

Amazon River Cruise Cost

Aqua Nera © Amazon Expeditions

Aqua Expeditions brings state-of-the-art vessels to remote parts of the world with the aim of providing enriching and rewarding explorations. Their elite level of class and sophistication is apparent from the interior design to the service and cuisine. Its Amazon riverboats combine this sense of sophistication with an authentic jungle immersion through extraordinary explorations.


  • 1:1 capacity
  • 16-20 staterooms
  • Four launch boats
  • Kayaks

On board facilities 

  • Lounge
  • Pool deck
  • Boutique
  • Gym
  • Games room
  • Restaurants and bars

What price you should expect to pay: $2700- $6,400 pp for a 4-day cruise

Delfin Cruises: Delfin I,II, &III

Amazon River Cruise Cost

Delfin III © Delfin Amazon Cruises

Delfin Cruises provides guests with an immersive jungle experience whilst treating them to the highest level of luxury on board any Amazonian riverboat. Specializing in the Amazon region, Delfin Cruises share their intimate knowledge of and passion for the jungle in every aspect of what they do. As well as enriching river and shore excursions like kayaking, piranha fishing, and night walking, guests get a taste of the Amazon through onboard talks, documentaries, cooking classes, and cuisine.


  • 1:1 capacity
  • 4, 10, or 22 staterooms
  • Launch boats
  • Kayaks and paddle boards

Onboard facilities 

  • Spa
  • Lounge
  • Sun deck
  • Boutique
  • Gym
  • Restaurants and bars

What price you should expect to pay: $3,500- $6,500 pp for a 4-day cruise

Amazon River Cruise Cost

Aqua Nera Pool Deck © Aqua Expeditions

When to find the best Amazon Cruise deals

In general, vacation prices change throughout the year depending on the season and/or public holidays. When booking an Amazon cruise, you’ll find that prices remain the same for much of the year because there are only two seasons in the jungle (the wet and the dry) and they don’t particularly affect cruise itineraries. However, prices will increase during public holidays when there is a higher demand, especially over Christmas and New Year. To find out more about the Amazonian seasons and the best time of year to travel, check out our month-by-month guide.

Is an Amazon River cruise worth the price?

Amazon River Cruise Cost

As we have shown you, Amazon River cruises have a high price point, but that’s because their purpose is to provide an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime kind of vacation, rather than an affordable yet forgettable one. So as far as value for money goes, the cruises prove to be worthwhile. Therefore, the question “Is an Amazon River Cruise really worth the price?” comes down to a different question: how much would you value this life experience? After all, it’s an investment. An investment in yourself and your life so that you can look back on it and feel satisfied you lived it to the full. 

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