Immerse yourself in melting pot of cultures, natural wonders,
archaeological gems and culinary delights. Experience Latin America…


Let your soul journey into the mystic of Latin America. Hidden select accommodations with a rich cultural past from the high Andes, the majestic Amazon Rainforest, wild Patagonia or even a luxury Galapagos cruise. Timeless destinations to savor the very best of mother nature’s prowess, epic luxury trains journeys, superlative world-class cuisine and the endemic exuberance of diverse Latin cultures. Travel far enough and you’ll meet yourself!


From about 12,400 BC to the present day these lands have been a melting pot of life, trade, learning and civilization on so many frontiers. We carry you across journeys on the edge of your imagination with the Peruvian cuisine, tango at Teatro Colon of Buenos Aires, Galapagos cruises, Brazilian carnival or a day of lost languages with the Patagonian Mapuche. Explore the vibrant and welcoming cultures that rest in the hearts and souls these captivating peoples.


The continent of South America holds global treasures such as natures Iguazu Falls Argentina, the Inca legacy of Machu Picchu Peru and the art-deco Christ the Redeemer Brazil. Mother nature doesn’t do categories, so equally you could add Perito Moreno glacier, Torres del Paine Patagonia, Pantanal Wetlands Brazil, Amazon Jungle or the Galapagos Islands. Boundless wonderment to live, experience and create the memories of a lifetime.


South America truly is the land of the great outdoors. The Amazon Jungle, the Andes Mountains, The Galapagos Isles, Argentinian Pampas, Perito Moreno glacier. Iguazu Falls, Brazilian Pantanal Wetlands, Patagonia and on and on…. Unique journeys of discovery to break from the daily grind. Realize yourself by awakening your senses to explore, dream and discover across these new frontiers.


Latin America abounds in natural diversity along with centuries of culinary wisdom from both indigenous people and immigrants. This is the fusion which has led the continent to the pinnacle of global cuisine. In a similar vein see old wines enjoying new life and terroir on the slopes of the high Andes. Come witness and learn from the truly insightful people behind these captivating destinations.


The call of the wild echoes across this great continent with the most bio-diverse regions on the planet. The Amazon basin contains several million species of flora and fauna, with many yet undiscovered and the Galapagos Archipelago is an evolutionary quintessential paradise craving exploration. Remember in your thoughts and dreams you have infinite power, unbounded potential to venture out and make these dreams a reality.


South America holds store to archaeological gems such as Machu Picchu, The Sacred Valley of the Incas, Caral, Monte Verde, The Moai statures of Easter Island, Tiahuanaco, Serra da Capivara and so much more. The destinations in themselves are inspirational but to bring them to life we offer the very best insightful and knowledgeable guides. We can offer personalized custom archaeological tours to both individuals and groups encompassing the broad spectrum of cultural epochs.


The milestones of any exceptional tour are created by moments of learning through doing. We step outside the run of the mill tour offerings. We offer helicopter flights across the Sacred Valley of the Incas, luxury cruise boat journeys on the Amazon River, pristine white-water rafting with camping under diamond studded black velvet skies, sleeping in a pod 400m up on a mountainside and ziplining down. Finally, some of the most amazing culinary experiences on the planet. Anything else? Come and ask.


We hand craft small group itineraries for all special interest groups. Typically, our groups have included business, educational visits, NGO’s, culinary, wine or health and wellness as just sample of what is possible. Our agent will liaise and make possible any special requirements on your journey, resulting in end to end peace of mind for your group.


It is said we should give our children roots and wings. This is your opportunity to realize your ambitions; to explore, experience, dream and discover. Visit local people and wildlife, learn, have fun, laugh and play together. Rest assured you are in trusted expert hands and never forget that your future stories are just waiting to be lived.

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