Immerse yourself in melting pot of cultures, natural wonders,
archaeological gems and culinary delights. Experience Latin America…


Nothing compares to time spent on the mountains; cast away from the mundane troubles of life. The chance to trek and contemplate alone, or in small group of like-minded individuals, is the very essence of living. Exploring the next peak along the pathways of remote mountain villages adorned with the most magical panoramic vistas. You feel alive!


Latin America is one of the last natural great adventure parks for those in need of an adrenalin rush. Be it a plummeting mountainside descent on your bike, a day paragliding on the mountainside, sleeping in a pod 1,200 feet high on the mountainside or rafting the cascading river rapids you are guaranteed to live your dream adventure.


Witnessing the turquoise waters of the Galapagos Island, the depths of the Amazon basin and desolate Cape Horn at the end of the world, for no continent matches Latin America in wildlife. Our expert guides lift you on a deep and meaningful educational journey of diverse habitats. Here you are assured to emerge spiritually rich and enlightened with a new perspective on the myriad wonders of our magical planet.


Latin America for a luxury honeymoon offers you the journey of a lifetime. Not just to exotic destinations but journeys of the heart and soul. We can take you to secluded destinations with our expertly guided private tours. Enjoy meeting with local people and witnessing the best mother nature has to offer on a unique journey to live and create the memories of a lifetime.


We hand craft small group itineraries for all special interest groups. Typically, our groups have included business, educational visits, NGO’s, culinary, wine or health and wellness as just sample of what is possible. Our agent will liaise and make possible any special requirements on your journey, resulting in end to end peace of mind for your group.


It is said we should give our children roots and wings. This is your opportunity to realize your ambitions; to explore, experience, dream and discover. Visit local people and wildlife, learn, have fun, laugh and play together. Rest assured you are in trusted expert hands and never forget that your future stories are just waiting to be lived.


Latin America abounds in natural diversity along with centuries of culinary wisdom from both indigenous people and immigrants. This is the fusion which has led the continent to the pinnacle of global cuisine. In a similar vein see old wines enjoying new life and terroir on the slopes of the high Andes. Come witness and learn from the truly insightful people behind these captivating destinations.


Cast away on a cruise journey aboard small ships that offer the ability to connect land and sea. Your journey possibilities include luxury Amazon cruises, Galapagos Cruises or a voyage around Cape Horn at the end of the earth as just a selection. Each of our cruises offer you the most lucid and transformational interactions with your local environment of flora and fauna. Your dreams will have just come true.


On the eighth day God created Rio de Janeiro, well that’s what the locals say. Our city tours are focused not just on the destinations but on the people. People give heart and soul to their towns and you will spend time with them. Learning their passions, what they love to do and why their city is the best in the world. Journeys of exotic food, culture, music, dance love and passion that only Latin America can offer to you.


This is a journey into yourself, learning about your heart and soul and how you interact with your environment. Our guides will take you to spiritually rich destinations, off the beaten track and staying in some of the most beautiful natural destinations and accommodations. Yoga retreats, shamanic blessings and connections to mother nature are just the beginning of your inner voyage of discovery. Growing new perspectives.

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