Zara Woolley

Senior Sales Advisor

I am originally from Tasmania, Australia and it is true what they say, Australians do love to travel, a lot. I am a self-confessed travel addict, and to date I have covered 48 countries (and counting)! My love affair with Latin America began in 2008 when I visited for the first time. Peru struck a cord immediately and I decided going home to Australia was not an option, so Peru became home for a few years! Lets’ face it, the food alone was enough to stay for, not to mention mountains, canyons, rivers, desert, jungle, beaches and of course the warm, friendly people!

A qualified Accountant, Fitness Instructor and Teacher of English as a Second Language, I actually fell into the travel industry by accident when traveling in Peru and it was the best accident ever! Travel is a very big part of my life and I love what I do. Working with clients to achieve their dream vacation is a great feeling and I am glad I can share my personal experiences to ensure they have a wonderful adventure! My favorite Latin American destinations (aside from Peru of course) are The Galapagos Islands, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

When I am not traveling you will generally find me where there is water, the sea especially. I love to swim, snorkel and paddle board. I also enjoy yoga, volunteering at animal shelters and fine wine!

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